Alith’s Wedding Day.

The house had been buzzing for weeks, Ailith had finally come of age and preparations for her wedding had kept the whole house busy. Lynette could not afford an extravagant wedding like that of noble women, so it would be a quiet and simple affair, in the local chapel followed by drinks in the local Tavern.

Ailith stood nervously gazing at herself in the mirror, her hair loose wearing her best dress, her bags lay packed next to her bed. She struggled to remain calm, but it was a losing battle, her life was about to change and who knew what life would be like with Hayden.

She’d only met him twice, the first time when he’d visited the house and a second time when her and Lynette had visited the house that was to become her home. The new house was very small, no room for privacy but at least it was comfortable. But Hayden had good prospects and had promised to work hard till he could afford for them to move to something bigger.

What was Hayden going to be like she wondered? She’d not had much chance to speak with him in their two fleeting encounters, he’d seemed a quiet sort and sort of clumsy around her he’d admitted to not having many friends what that because he didn’t want them or was there something people disliked about him??

He’s said he’d try to be a good husband, and had promised to take care of her. Would that change once they where married and her mother wasn’t there to judge him?? She’d had a rough time of things growing up with her father, she’d been luckier than Muirean she was the younger of the pair and her father had directed most of his attention to her sister, however memory’s still scarred the young girl who had still been put though ordeals no child should ever have to go though.

Standing there in her gown on the morning of her wedding all sorts of panic raced though her mind suddenly doubting her decision to allow her step mother to find her a husband, there was only one bed in the new house, she’d noted that very early on, and then there was the matter of her wedding night, she knew what was expected… she knew too well.

Lynette hadn’t told Hayden that the young girls virginity, had been stolen years ago, by her father, fearing the fact might put off the young man. She assured Alith that Hayden would probably never notice, however just in case she’d had concocted a story all the same if Hayden did somehow question why Alith had not bled. Alith just prayed her true fears of the situation would undoubtedly mask the truth.

Just then the door to the bedroom swung open and Muirean came running in passed her staring out of the window bouncing excitedly “He’s here” she squeeled.

“Hayden??!” Alith exclaimed.

“No don’t be silly” Muirean scolded, shoving her little sister away from the mirror so she could straighten her own dress and finger her hair into place ” Christopher”.

Alith managed her first smile of the morning, watching her sister flap, “Mothers going to kill you if she finds out about you two”.

“Whats there to find out??” Muirean grinned ” we haven’t done anything wrong… I barely know him, not even well enough to call him a friend”.

Alith smiled “then why so excited??”

Muirean grinned ” because little sister, tonight is the perfect opportunity to get to know him, there will be drinking and dancing and the best thing is mother will be to distracted with you, to notice what Im doing with him”.

Alith raised an eyebrow, “You do know that he’s been seeing his maid?”

Muirean shook her head “A passing infatuation” she insisted ” besides its not as if anything’s going to happen”.

“True enough” Alith laughed “I still remember when Deonte tried to hold your hand at school”

Muirean shot her little sister a glare, ” that’s not fair” she complained ” I wasn’t expecting it”.

Alith chuckled at the memory “You’d been dating for 3 months, surely you where expecting him to try something eventually” she laughed “You ran out of there so fast.”

“Yes I know what I did” Muirean snapped irritated, the one time she’d attempted to have a normal relationship with a boy she’d panicked so much the first time he touch her she’d refused to go to school for a week.

“I hear Christopher’s relationship with Brittany is fairly physical” Alith taunted ” Mother says his father caught them in the bedroom… how exactly to you intend to compeate… I suppose its possible Christopher likes screamer’s?”

Muirean glared towards her sister ” get your laugh’s while you can, just remember where you’ll be tonight, something tell’s me I won’t be the one crying into my pillow”.

One response to “Alith’s Wedding Day.

  1. Oh how horrible. They are both truly scarred.
    I hope there husbands can overcome there fears and issues, though in that time period it wasn’t likely a man would care. {*_*}

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