Go and See

“What’s going on” Alistair growled glaring at Tarik. “what doe’s she mean?? what freak show and what did Bellari do to my children??”

Tarik held his hands out defensively ” No Alistair don’t listen to her, Bellari helped Kaitlyn… she was sick… Bellari has a gift, its good, pure Bellari saved your children’s life, how can that be wrong??”

Alistair rushed forward grabbing Tarik roughly by the tunic he launched him up against the wall, “explain!!!!” he demanded.

“Alistair there isn’t time for this” Tarik reasoned, “I’ll explain everything later, remember why we are here, she’s trying to distract you… think”.

Alistair paused for a moment “yes… yes your right” he said trying to shake the confusion from his mind. Letting go of Tarik, letting him fall unceremoniously to the floor, he turned staring back towards Risa who had been creeping towards the closest exit.

She froze seeing the look in Alistair’s eye, “Alistair my sweet, come now we can sort this out” her voice twinged with panic.

Snarling he rushed her, hurling his weight against her they both tumbled to the floor, for a moment the wrestled in a blur of un-natural speed, neither gaining any ground.

Then suddenly they stopped dead, both looking towards the window. Tarik glanced around confused, obviously they both heard something but Tarik could not.

Tarik dragged himself to his knee’s using what little strength he had to drag himself to the window. Gazing out into the courtyard he smiled. “It’s over… mistress …. your army lost.. my people they are here”.

Sure enough down in the courtyard below Tarik could see Orion, Forrest and Nathaneil fighting their way into the courtyard passed the few remaining guards, leading a wagon.

“No…. No its not possible” she screamed launching Alistair away from her he skidded across the ground, jumping to her feet she raced the window pushing her face up against the glass, banging her fists on the window in despair ” No its not possible she whimpered.

Tarik pulled himself to his feet and smiled triumphantly ” Don’t believe me???” he replied grabbing the back of her dress with his remaining strength he dragged he a few inches from the glass before giving her a swift kick “Take a look” he growled as she smashed though the window plummeting the hundred feet to the rocky ground below.

One response to “Go and See

  1. Yay Tarik! I hope he can explain everything to Alistair since Bellari only did good things. And I hope Risa’s actually dead this time, although I kind of doubt it.

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