Work of the Devil

Alistair stood with a sickening crack, his shoulder jutting at an uncomfortable angle he jerked violently causing a second loud crack putting it back into place.  


 Tarik stood motionless watching as the pair faced off against each other, his weak and ravished body fuelled by adrenaline alone he knew he was lucky to be standing.

“Come Come my pet” Risa purred, “We are one and the same now my young prince. No need to fight”


“What…. What do you mean?” Alistair growled, “What are we?”

“Were both dead my sweet” she replied “But not too fret, we could still have some fun”


Alistair shook his head, unable to fathom what she was saying ” No its not possible” he mumbled ” I still breath, walk …. How can it be that I’m dead??”.

“The breathing is an unfortunate relic of your former life, you’ll soon forget as soon as you realize its no longer required… and as for the rest … you’ll soon learn that death is not always the end… consider your current condition my gift to you, an apology as it where for past transgressions”

“I don’t understand, if I am not alive then what?? and how did you do this?”


“it seems my little sister wasn’t the only gifted one in our family” she purred “in fact I’d say her pathetic little power pales in comparison”

Alistair looked confused “I don’t understand? What power and what does Bellari have to do with this?”


Risa grinned suddenly turning her attention to Tarik who had slowly been edging around the room behind her ” He knows” she said pointing, ” Don’t you dear?? Why don’t you tell the young prince about your little freak show? Tell him how my dear sister tampered with god’s will not once but twice and how his children should not exist….and how un-natural they are… work of the devil I’d say??”

One response to “Work of the Devil

  1. Bah silly Trout, I can’t see Alistair getting upset with the idea that his children where healed and live because of Bellari’ intervention all shes going to do is bring a little more of his humanity back when he thinks about his children and how close he came to loosing them.

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