Now Git

Kaitlyn and Raenn had settled into the lodge. Lar’s had moved his things downstairs into Wolfs room giving the girls his room to share.

He’d been pleasant enough a little rough around the edges however he was obviously trying his best to make the girls welcome despite having their presence thrust upon him at somewhat short notice, having only received a runner a few hours before they arrived.

Kaitlyn spent most of the afternoon in a daze despite Lar’s attempts at conversation he finally had given up leaving the young princess to her thoughts, Wolf seemed particularly please to see them and his interest in Raeann, was hard to miss.

Raeann having turned down the chance of marrying Prince Thomas because she found him crude and uncouth could not begin to describe what she thought of Lar’s and his son.

As a result Raeann spent much of the day sulking about the whole affair and just as she thought things could not get much worse she over heard a conversation between Wolf and his father, where he asked about her own betrothal status, sudden panic rising in the young woman she determined to put off the young man, before his head filled with any more ridiculous notions.


The day passed with a quiet tension and eventually it was time for their evening meal, Kaitlyn still lost in her thoughts, sat quietly where she’d been shown.

Raeann looked at the food with disgust as Lar’s began to dish up a thick meaty stew, a layer of fat floating on its surface. Edible possibly but Raeann did not plan to find out pushing the vegetables around her plate she made no attempt to eat it, instead resorting to nibbling at a less offensive hunk of bread.


Halfway though the meal Lar’s stood raising his goblet, “A toast” he bellowed “To our fine companions” he said indicating to the girls” May Frey and Freyja bless them and this house”

The girls gave each other confused glances, whatever Lar’s had meant Wolf had obviously shared his sentiments as he like his father now banged fiercely on the table causing the entire thing to shake.

When things finally went quiet Lar’s looked concernedly towards Kaitlyn ” are you alright?” he asked.


“Yes thankyou” she replied nervously ” im just very tired, may I be excused?” she asked.

Lar’s nodded ” Aye, no need to ask, this is your house now as much as mine” Kaitlyn nodded greatful standing she quickly hurried from the table and up the stairs to her room, Raeann thankful for the excuse, quickly followed.

A couple of hour’s passed when there was a heavy knocking on the bedroom door, Kaitlyn lay motionless on the bed as she had done for the passed few hours. Raeann stood to answer it.

Lar’s stood on the other side ” she alright?” he asked peering into the room.


Raeann shrugged “how would you be if you sent away from your children and forced to marry a man you barely knew” she replied plainly.

Lar’s nodded “I don’t want to be hurtin her” he replied genuinely.

“Then why?” Raeann asked “you have a son I don’t see exactly what need you have of her?”

“I don’t need her” he replied, “ye make it sound like all a man wants a woman for is bearing son’s”


“isn’t it”

“Maybe for your people” he replied offended ” but not for mine, I ain’t for pushin her into anything she’s not wanting, anyway im wantin a talk with her if ya don’t mind”

Raeann shrugged but moved out of the way allowing the big man passed, he headed towards Kainlyn lay, perching on the end of the bed he looked expectantly at Raeann.


When the young girl made no move, he nodded towards her ” Alone” He said sternly.

“No” Raeann replied defiantly “It’s my job to make sure nothing inappropriate happens and you two alone in a bedroom would be inappropriate”.

Lar’s looked unimpressed “I can’t be beginning to understand why you people think your needin one woman to watch out for another woman’s virtue… my people believe a woman’s able to look after herself…”he replied obviously irritated “Now I already told ya im not gonna be doin anything she’s not wantin and she’s not looking to me like she’s ready to be getting “inappropriate” as you call it, so git”.

Raeann stood unmoving at the doorway for a moment, until a large pillow came hurling out of Lar’s arms towards her, she dove out of the way just in time scurrying off down the stairs.

One response to “Now Git

  1. Wonder what he has to say. He seems nice but still feel sorry for her. And I wonder how her kids are feeling without there mother. They’re still quite young.

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