Doggy’s New Trick

Tarik and Alistair tore though the castle room by room making there way towards the main audience chamber where they knew the mistress would be waiting. They knew by now she had an idea something was going on, not all of their victims had died quietly.

Arriving at the huge double doors Alistair didn’t wait for Tarik, downing the two guards he barged into the large room where the mistress sat on a grand throne. “What is going on here??” she demanded.

Tarik arrived in the room just in time to see Alistair charge across the room hurling himself towards the mistress, knocking her from the throne she hit the floor heavily Alistair pinning her to the floor, “What am I??” he growled.

The mistress lay still for a moment, as Alistair appeared to have a definite upper hand, Tarik began to cautiously head across the room towards the scene something wasn’t right, it had all been too easy, she’d been expecting them and yet she’d done nothing to protect herself.

“What am I??” Alistair growled again “And why are you not dead??” he screamed shaking the young woman.

“You know her??” Tarik asked in disbelief.

“Yes I know her” Alistair replied ” she…. She tried to kill me….” he said struggling with the memory’s jumbled in his mind ” yes …. my father he had her executed… Her name…. Risa”.

Tarik moved cautiously forward, he’d heard of the events that had occurred during the months before his arrival in Grimstead but had never met the young woman before her appearance at his capture. Looking down at the woman she appeared calm, too calm especially considering her current situation. Alistair glared at her waiting for answers moments passed and none came.

The woman smiled and then began to chuckle, “well well, doggy’s learn’t a new trick”.

“Don’t laugh” Alistair growled shaking her violently, causing her to laugh all the more ” Don’t laugh” he roared again ” what am I …. Tell me”.

“Your my ikkle pet, sweetie” she purred between the jolting shaking Alistiar was giving her.

“Tell me” he demanded ” or ill killed you”.

“Oh ” she chuckled “im scared now!!!…..your father tried that once, what makes you think you can??”.

“Don’t test me” Alistair growled “Why am I here?? what am I??”.

Risa’s face suddenly turned serious, with a wave of her hand Alistair flew off her and across the room landing hard. Slowely she climbed to her feet dusting off her dress.

3 responses to “Doggy’s New Trick

  1. I knew it.

    I KNEW IT.


  2. Oh well at least help is on the way! Two wounded soldiers a couple of farmers and a handful of kids…That’ll have the Queen Shaking in her Ruby Slippers won’t it!!!

  3. Makes me a little uneasy too. She’s definately a little too calm. Although she may just be mad.

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