Like Horses

Lar’s finished showing Kaitlyn and Reaenn around what was to be there new home, it was small and simple, nothing more than a log cabin in the middle of no-where.


One could have easily mistaken it for one of many log cabin’s used by hunters and woodsmen alike across Grimstead if it wasn’t for the odd item that seemed slightly out of place, the furnishings where of far better quality than most woodsmen could afford.

Kaitlyn pondered this fact, eyeing up Lar’s now he’d gotten dressed granted he was obviously a foreigner but he seemed he didn’t seem anything more than a woodsman, he wore tatty leather armour that has obviously seen more than a few fights and worn leather trousers and boots.

Arriving outside again where Vincent was waiting Lar’s smiled “So what do you think??” he asked.

Raeann looked positively horrified, she’d never been one for roughing it liking the home comforts and lavish lifestyle she had back at the castle. She bit her tongue and stayed silent knowing full well the question wasn’t directed at her.

Kaitlyn just shrugged, after the confusing whirlwind that had been the past few days she’d lost the will to fight the matter.

“Arh” Lar’s suddenly exclaimed turning towards the forest he held his arms outstretched a big grin on his face as a second young man came out of the woods ” Me son, wolf… ”

Kaitlyn and Raeann stared as the second man approached he was in his early 20’s easily as broad as his father the family resemblance was uncanny, Kaitlyn looked back towards lar’s she’d not pictured him old enough to have a grown up son. “You must have had him young” she mumbled.

Lar’s chuckled “Aye” he replied patting the young man on the back as he approached.


Wolf grinned “Dinner” he replied holding up a couple of wild pheasants his accent thick like his fathers “wasn’t knowin we had guests, should i be needin to catch another” he said not taking his gaze off Raeann.

“Bah not to worry” Lar’s replied “We’ll be havin plenty, ill chuck in some veggy’s”.

Raeann shuffled uncomfortably not at all liking the looks the younger man was giving her ” you do your own cooking?? she asked in disbelief. In truth she’d suspected the small cabin didn’t have servants, and only prayed they didn’t expect her to do the chores.

Lar’s chuckled “Aye, nothing fancy mind, but i haven’ poisoned anyone yet, wolf take in the lass’s bags and get them settled”.


Wolf nodded throwing the pheasant over his shoulder he picked up the first of Kaitlyn’s cases, he smiled towards Raeann ” come on, I’ll git ya settled”.

Raeann nodded, shooting Kaitlyn a pleading glance, but Kaitlyn didn’t seem to notice, silently lost in her own thoughts she picked up a small piece of her hand lug age and followed Wolf into the house, not giving Lar’s or Vincent a second glance.

Now that the girls where in the cabin, Lar’s nodded towards Vincent ” you were right cousin she’s a hansom woman. She doesn’t seem as feisty as you made her out to be”.


“Just wait” Vincent chuckled ” she’s had a rough few days, you’ll have quite a handful soon enough”.

Lar’s smiled “Woman are like horses, the hardest to break give ya the best ride in the end”

One response to “Like Horses

  1. Not sure what to make on all this yet, but it does make things interesting.

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