Hulking Brute

The coach rattled loudly down the road, they seemed miles away from anywhere as they made their way though the forests and hill’s miles into the back end of no-where.

Kaitlyn stared sullenly out of the window, her protests falling on deaf ears. Henry had made a decision she was being packaged off to where she could no longer cause him any embarrassment.

What had happened last night, had she killed that man?? was she losing her mind??She smiled over at Raeann who sat quietly in the corner, both eye’s blackened from her ordeal, Raeann looked as nervous about their trip as she did.

Kaitlyn looked down at her son, he stirred but quickly fell back to sleep with some gentle rocking. Henry had insisted she left Duncan and Maegan behind, apparently this man she was going to stay with didn’t have room for them all.

She supposed it made sense Duncan and Maegan would be leaving the castle in the new year anyway. Duncan to start his knightly training and Maegan was to begin her schooling in the nunnery. However it making sense didn’t lessen the pain of being separated from her children so suddenly.

How dare Henry presume to make arrangements for her with out discussing it, she fumed. Rationally she knew he probably didn’t mean for things to happen so fast, last nights affair had forced him to act.

Still who was this man she was going to stay with?? he certainly couldn’t be nobility she’d have heard of him if he was. Vincent’s cousin, did that mean he was servant class like the rest of the Bendett’s??

Once she’d been lined up to be the queen of Grimstead was she now being married off to a commoner. She wasn’t sure she liked the way this was going at all.

Not that it mattered who Henry paired her up with, marrying now was the furthest thing from her mind, right now she’d be content knowing if she still had a mind at all.

The coach pulled up outside a Wooden hunting lodge, looking around it was quite clear to Kaitlyn they where miles from anywhere. I house was simple but had a quaint feel about it, Vince helped her from the coach and then took a step back allowing her to survey the area.


Off to the left of the house a man stood chopping wood giving no mind to the visitors. He had long blond hair tied back out of his face and his shirtless torso made him look as wide as he was tall. Kaitlyn stood open mouthed, this couldn’t possibly be the man Henry had in mind for her.

Vince walked forward “Lars” he called “I see you dressed up for the lady”.

The hulking blond figure looked up and smiled “Ye didn’t exactly give me much warning cousin” he laughed, his voice deep and thickly accented, a dialect Kaitlyn didn’t recognize.


Picking up a towel he wiped his brow and damped off his sweaty torso. Kaitlyn looked towards him with disgust, and as he headed towards then she couldn’t help but think he reminded her of a huge grizzly bear lumbering towards her his huge biceps easily wide as Alistairs waist has been.

“This can’t possibly be the man Henry mean’s me to marry” she whispered to Raeann making no attempted to hide her horror ” I mean look at him”.

There was no reply from Raeann who simply stood staring in awe her mouth open. Turning her attention to Vincent, Kaitlyn looked at him pleadingly. Vincent smiled and patted her reassuringly on the shoulder as the man approached ” This is my cousin Lars”

3 responses to “Hulking Brute

  1. Lol this adds a bit of spice to things

  2. Hmm…, interesting. And makes me glad I live in America and in this century. At least I wont be forced away from my kids and into a marriage.

  3. I agree Anoua! But meeeeeeowwwww

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