So Hungry

The grate in the center of the room squeaked loudly waking Tarik from his dream. A dream where he’d been at home with is wife and children, eating a fine meal.

His eye’s quickly adjusted to the dim light of his cell, on the other side of the bars as figure climbed out of the muck and into the room.

“Out again” Tarik smiled ” the mistress won’t like that at all”.

The figures head shot up, looking him in the eye, Alistair snarled. “i wasn’t planning on telling her” he growled. Tarik nodded, not taking his eye’s off Alistair for a minute. He was covered in blood a feral look in his eye’s far from the young man he’d once known.

Alistair stalked towards the cell grasping at the bars, pushing his face between the bars he sniffed for a moment. Tarik couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable as the young prince eye’d him up, somewhat like a wolf eyeing up its next meal.

“Did you see whats going on outside?” Tarik asked trying to distract him, i heard an explosion.

“your people have won” Alistair replied moving away from the bar’s “they’ll be here soon”.

Tarik nodded “Do they know who’s here?”

“I don’t think so” he answered “I hope they know what they are doing”.

“What happened to you ??” Tarik asked, referring to the blood covering Alistair’s clothes, “It will be hard to hide that from the mistress”.

Alistair glanced down, shaking his head examining the bloodstained clothes “I’m done pretending” He growled.

“What happened??” Tarik asked again.

Alistair slumped to the floor paying far more attention to the sleeve of his bloodstained tunic he began to suck the blood from the cloth.

“What happened??” Tarik urged ” who’s blood is that??” he asked.

“Kaitlyn” was the only word Tarik managed to hear, Tarik’s heart sank, over the past few weeks he’d watched the prince fight his new nature, fight the new instincts building within him. The only thing that had seemed to keep him human was the thought of his wife.

“Did you kill her” Tarik dared ask.

Alistair growled his eye’s glaring with an unnatural glow “Never” his spat ” I would never hurt Kait”

“Ok” Tarik replied his hands up in defeat trying to calm him ” then who”.

“A man” Alistair growled ” he was hurting her”.

Tarik nodded “You shouldn’t go to her….I know you miss her, but it’s not right”.

Alistair growled ” don’t you think I know that….” a hurt look in his eye’s “what am i?” he asked for the hundredth time this week.

“i don’t know” Tarik replied honestly, all he knew was that the mistress had intended to bring Alistair back as some kind of walking dead like Vasyl but something had gone wrong.

For a while he’d acted just as Vasyl had totally mindless but as the weeks passed Tarik had noticed a change in him, like a slow awakening and eventually he’d regained much of his former personality and mind.

Alistair had done well in keeping it hidden from the mistress and her minions but as his mind returned he began to realize what he’d become and what he’d left behind becoming more and more fixated on the loss of his wife.

Alistair growled rage building inside him “So hungry” he muttered throwing down the sleeve of his tunic in anger, jumping back to his feet he ran to the bars of Tarik’s Cell.

Tarik felt the panic rise inside inside him as Alistair rattled at the bar’s of the cell ” So hungry… ” the prince wailed. Heaving with all his might he pulled the door from its hinges letting it clatter loudly to the floor.

4 responses to “So Hungry

  1. Ha i knew he was an undead beasty! I’m not swure the wagons should continue up to the castle though thats just nuts don’t they realise its all been a trap…the only crimper in the plan to return though is if somebody firgures out Tarik is actually up there as a prisoner. Thats is Alistair doesn’t make Tarik his pack lunch for his next trip to visit Kaitlyn!

  2. Oh lord! It’s madness I tell ya! Maaaaadddddnneeesssssss!! {O_O}

  3. Courtney(stinksapsgreen)

    Whew, I just caught up after a week and a half of frantic reading! I love love love love your story, and am so thrilled to see that you update quite often!

  4. Wow! So I guess that means he’s a zombie but it seems weird that she wouldn’t notice the difference, although it was night. And I guess we have a better idea of what happened that night.

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