Royal Storm

Kaitlyn stirred, her head pounding. Forcing her eye’s open against the glare of the sunlight streaming in though the window, panic suddenly flowed over her, not recognizing her surroundings.

Her eye’s darted around the room confused she tried to sit, her head swam, this place was familiar but she couldn’t quite place it.

Touching her hand to her head she could feel a large bump on the side, yes she fell she remembered now. Suddenly a wave a panic hit her… the children.

Clambering from the bed her legs shook and threatened to give away as and her head throbbed making it difficult to focus. she suddenly knew where she was now she was in the guest quarters of the castle, she’d only ever been here once or twice before thats why she hadn’t recognized it.

Finding her slippers under the bed she pulled on a robe she found hanging on the door and tentatively tip toed towards the door. she wasn’t trying to to be quiet but sudden movements made her head pound.

In the corridor stood two guards, they seemed surprised to see her, one rushed to her side helping her stand as she threatened to topple over at any minute. ” what happened?” she asked.

“I don’t know milady”. the guard answered looking uncomfortable.

“My children…. are they ok?” she asked.

Yes milady” the guard answered, “the children are fine”

“Thank goodness” she replied with a sigh of relief. “Where Henry?”

“I’m not sure” the guard answered, ” come on milady, you should lie down” the guard offered trying to guide her back into the bedroom.

“I’d rather not” she replied ” i want to see Henry” pulling herself free she headed down the to corridor.

The guards exchanged nervous glances and followed her, one of them pushing past her to block the path “Milady Please come and rest, I’ll send someone to tell the King your awake, I’m sure he’ll want to see you.

“It’s ok” she replied “I’ll go to him” the guards looked at each other nervously and suddenly it dawned on her ” am i a prisoner??” she asked.

“…. No milady” the first guard replied, ” the King just wants you to stay safe” he replied unconvincingly.

“Then come with me it you must” she replied, “I’m not doing anything wrong i just want to see the King”.

The two guards looked at each other nervously but nodded, “ok Milady”.

Kaitlyn headed directly to the meeting chamber… she knew where the king would be he had barely left it for days, arriving at the door she paused and listened, she could hear the king and Prince Thomas talking …. talking about her.

One of the guards moved to knock on the door, but Kaitlyn shot him a look that made him stop dead in his tracks, putting her ear to the door she listened to the conversation going on inside.

“So what do you think happened??” she heard Thomas ask.

“I’m not sure” his father replied, ” we found a man dead in her room, her lady in waiting unconscious”.

“who was the man?”

“Apparently he was one of the guards, to be honest i can’t say i know him, according to the men he was a nice enough man though, he was in a state of undress when we found him, one can only assume he was the man i suspect she was with up at the house the other night”.

“Any idea what happened?”

There was a large sigh from the king ” im not sure, there was blood everywhere, the man had his throat ripped out”

“You can’t think she did it?? ” Thomas replied sounding shocked..

“I’m not sure she was covered in blood when we found her, there was no sign of anyone else being in the room… there there this business with Alistair… perhaps something broke her fantasy.. perhaps she realized he wasn’t my son and snapped”.

“Is she going to be ok?”

“Docter says she’s going to be fine, she had a fall bumped her head, im more worried about her mental state, perhaps ive been dealing with this all wrong”.

“So whats the plan?”

“Thats why I called you, Vince Bendett has a cousin who moved to Grimstead a short while ago, do you know him??”

“Yes of course, but im not sure i follow?”

“Vince happened to mention that his cousin was going to need a wife, he showed an interest in Kaitlyn. At the time i told him it was too soon, Kait wasn’t ready, however I’m starting to think a move would do her good get her away from here, perhaps having a husband to focus on would do her good.

Thomas shook his head “she’s not gonig to like it”.

“I’m not saying she should marry him straight away but perhaps she could go and stay with him and his family for a while, under supervision of course, and we can see how things go… perhaps she might find grow fond of him dispite herself much like she did with your brother”.

“Perhaps ” Thomas replied “But she’d never agree”

The doors swung open and Kaitlyn stormed into the room, “your damn right I wouldn’t” she snarled.

2 responses to “Royal Storm

  1. Still pretty confused. But at least we’re starting to get somewhere.

  2. Confused about what, i personally don’t know why the guard tried to jump her in the night he may have just been a dodgy bloke looking for a bit or he may have been under a spell of some sort to try and do what he did, The person who killed the guard i reckon is the vampiric Alistair come to defend his wife and we know the Queen of the Demons is pee’d off because Alistair vanished. so basically something isn’t going to plan for her and Alistair is working for his own gain be it as a good guy or not. But he’s steering clear of everybody bar Kaitlyn because hes an undead beasty!!! Theres still some bits i’m unsure about and guessing at but thats the fun of the storyline :)

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