No!! Get off me

Kaitlyn had a rough few days, the castle was manic, people where coming and going contently and if the business with the Darkfire family wasn’t enough Henry had ordered Alistair’s tome opens and and had indeed found it empty.

Not that he’d told her of course he hadn’t wanted to worry her, but she’d over heard some servants talking. Thats all anyone seemed to do around her anymore whisper.

Despite the fact that Alistair’s body was missing it was quite clear and the king and everyone else in the castle thought she’d lost her mind.

Kaitlyn wasn’t even sure her self anymore, last night had seemed to so real even to the normally clear heard young woman and yet she knew logically it couldn’t have been.

Settling down in her bed Kaitlyn looked at the ceiling and sighed, Raeann sat on the couch in the corner reading. “You can go to bed you know??” Kaitlyn said.

“I’m fine” Raeann replied ” besides the king told me not to leave you alone”.

Kaitlyn nodded “I’m not going to do anything foolish” she promised ” Besides you need sleep too”.

“I’ll sleep here on the couch if i get get tired” Raeann replied ” go to sleep kait, you need the rest”.

Kaitlyn nodded ” i will, but if you get tired lay down here” she said patting the bed, ” its big enough for two as long as you don’t steal the covers”.

Raeann smiled and nodded ” thank you” she said turning back to her book.

Kaitlyn rolled over and settled down to sleep, it seemed like ages before she eventually drifted off to sleep but eventually she let her mind rest.

She woke up suddenly to find it dark the lamps all dimmed. Feeling arm’s wrapping around her body, it took a minute for her to realize what was going on, “Raeann” she whispered, but even as she said it she realized it wasn’t her lady in waiting, the arms where too big to be Raeann, she grabbed out at the, large muscular arms, the arms of a man ” Alistair?” she whispered.

“Yes my love its me” came the reply as a man’s stubby face, rubbed its self painfully across her neck kissing her urgently, but the voice wasn’t Alistair’s it was common, rougher.

“No” she said forcefully ” get off me”

but the man didn’t stop his face nuzzling into her neck, his hands grasping up beneath her night dress, she struggled but he held her tight ” its me my love, its Alistair” he whispered.

“NO” she struggled ” get off me….. Raeann!!!” she called ” Help” however Raeann did not reply, She fought against him and eventually screamed as loudly as she could.

Suddenly the door to the balcony flew open, clattering loudly it almost flew off the hinges. Kaitlyn continued to struggle with the figure in her bed, but looked towards the open door, she could make out a figure in the moonlight but could not see its face.

It leapt forward like a cat springing forward it landed deftly on the bed, grabbing her attacker it wrenched the figure off her he grunted.

It all when dark as the doors swung closed, and there was a sickening ripping noise, suddenly Kaitlyn felt wet as some thing sprayed over her, something warm.

She screamed again, fighting desperately with the bed covers she fell heavily out of the bed, landing on something soft feeling around, she could feel a body… a female body…

She screamed again… feeling her way up the figure to its head… it was Raeann she was sure, her head was damp and and she pool of sticky liquid… she clambered to her feet and ran towards the door.

4 responses to “No!! Get off me

  1. Ooooo well we know the nobles have been returning from the dead maybe this is “The Return of Aldun” its a bit anti climactit if it is though as i think the vampiric alistair has just torn his head off lol but hey we all hated him anyway!

  2. ooh maybe he’s a werewolf!!

    Poor Kaitlynn, being taken advantage of by one of the soldiers no doubt. Thinks he can “have his way with her” and come morning she’ll say she was attacked and no one will believe her.

    Oh poor Raeann, I hope it’s “just a flesh wound”. {^_^}

  3. Got a little bit confused while reading :S

  4. Oh wow. Okay didn’t expect anything like that. And I hope Raeanns not dead. I only have about half an idea about what just happened and I think I would like it a lot more if this wasn’t the last one posted.

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