Little Feet

Forrest looked out in horror as the little boy stumbled towards the beasts, his little feet unsure on the uneven ground. One of the creatures smiled as the little one headed towards him, looking towards Forrest it grinned and raised its sword above the little boys head, preparing to swing it down towards the child.

Forrest made a desperate dash towards the child, scooping him up into his arms he rolled with the boy, turning his back on beast just as its sword hit the ground where the little boy had stood, the creature growled in frustration.

Raising its sword again catching Forrest in the shoulder as he rolled trying to shield the boy with his own body, Forrest yelped in pain and struggled to his feet bringing up his sword defensively, protecting the boy with his own body was one thing, but the tactic wouldn’t work for long if he was dead.

Forrest looked down towards his shoulder a large red stain growing across the white of his tunic, the little boy sat in his arms. Wide-eyed but silent, Arwyn clung on. Forrest was losing strength in his damaged arm quickly. He parried the creature’s next blow and managed to land a weak him of his own that barely made a mark on the creatures leathery hide.

The tree’s around him catching fire, Forrest looked around for the red headed girl not seeing her he turned his attention back to the beast which swung out again towards his gut. Again Forrest managed to parry the blow, but things where looking bad the creature’s reinforcements had arrived and Forrest was quickly being surrounded.

Forrest however had reinforcements of his own, he’d not seen her but Dorothy was close at hand, giving herself completely to her gift she raged as pure energy, completely indistinguishable from the flames that licked the tree’s she reached her goal the beasts that threatened her son, they died instantly, as soon as her body touched theirs they exploded leaving nothing but piles of ash, leaving Forrest and Arwyn coughing and choking trying to see though the blackness that filled the air.

As the dust settled Forrest watched as what looked like a fiery serpent danced before him, Forrest struggled to collect himself the whole scene surreal, he felt as though he was somehow in a dream, he quickly snapped too as the serpent hissed ” Follow me” its voice hissing and crackling with the flames it swirled in the air, before flying down the mountains towards the wagons.

Forrest heaved the child up onto his waist, gripping the boy with his injured arm pain shooting though his shoulder, he grimaced but he needed his good arm free to hold his sword. Doubting the wisdom of the young girl for a moment he wondered if following her towards the battle was wisest option, but seeing women and children in the wagons below he knew they needed help.

I hope you mother knows what’s she doing Forrest sighed before racing off down the mountainside towards the fight watching creatures explode ahead as Dorothy hit them.

2 responses to “Little Feet

  1. That was intense. Glad to see the baby okay though. Hopefully everyone else is faring well too.

  2. oooo i wonder if she can turn back or has she given too much

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