He Can’t Be GONE!!!!

“Where is he??” she screamed frantically,

The red skinned servant kneeling at her feet shook visibly as his mistress continued her tirade, only hoping she didn’t turn her attention to him.

“I didn’t give him a mind of his own!!!!!” she screamed “he can’t have just wandered off”.

A sharp jab from the toe of her boot, sent the servant flying. ” yes mistress” he whined ” but ive looked everywhere”.

“You can’t have looked EVERYWHERE” she retaliated ” if you had you’ve have found him”.

She picked up a vase flinging it in temper against the wall is smashed mearly inches from Vasyl’s face.

He however did not even flinch his mind long since gone, he continued to futiley walk into the wall his head banging into it repeatedly, unable to comprehend to obstacle.

Launching another vase she sent the servant fleeing from the room ” FIND HIM” she screamed.

Tarik sat, below ground but even from his location he could hear the mistress’s screams, he chuckled quietly enjoying her torment.

His chains chaffed at his ankles and wrists and his belly had long since been empty but his imminent starvation didn’t worry him.

Things where coming to a head, things had been frantic about the castle the last week or so, he heard snips of information now and again nothing definite he only hoped his friends where winning.

4 responses to “He Can’t Be GONE!!!!

  1. Ooooo if they can free Tarik the kingdom will find out loads of useful information about the attacks and whats going on.

  2. Things are never really that easy unfortunately. :/

  3. Only a few people realize that a fake Tarik had been among them for all that time though. So he would probably be a arrested if he escaped depending on who he ran into first.

  4. I think I know who the mistress is…and if I’m right, then I’ve known it for a long, long time.

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