Truly Worrying.

Orrick headed up towards his sons bedroom, word had been sent to him about the going’s on over at the barracks and Henry had requested Orrick’s immediate attention.

He would be heading over to the castle shortly, Orrick had decided to bring Christopher along, it would be good experience for the boy besides Thomas would be present and even Orrick has to admit some of his sons theory’s held merit.

Reaching his sons room, he opened the door casually without thinking expecting to see Christopher surrounded by his little men on the floor, however that was not the sight that met his eye’s.

Christopher was was somewhat otherwise engaged in the bed with a girl Orrick didn’t immediately recognize.

“Christopher!!!” he exclaimed “a word, outside” he said before shutting the door rapidly.

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Christopher stopped what he was doing, and climbed from the bed ” I wish he’d learn to knock” he grumbled.

Brittany sat up, ” im fired aren’t I” she asked nervously.

“No” Christopher reassured her, “I won’t let that happen”.

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She nodded nervously, ” are you going to get into trouble”.

Christopher shook his head and pulled on his underwear “He’ll moan, but what can he do really?” he replied heading out to where his father stood looking flustered ” You know its really rude not to knock” he said amused and enjoying his father discomfort greatly.

“What on earth where you doing” Orrick replied.

Christopher chuckled “Well if you don’t know, perhaps I need to ask my mother, who my real father is?”.

“You know damn well what i mean” Orrick snapped “Who is she??”

“Brittney” Christopher replied.

“The girl who comes to do the washing?!” Orrick exclaimed. Christopher nodded and Orrick’s face went purple ” do you care for her??” he dared to ask.

“Yes I suppose, she’s nice enough” Christopher answered.

“what about Maegan??!

Christopher chuckled ” she’s 5 don’t think she’s old enough to care, besides you didn’t really expect me to wait 9 years did you?”

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“Well …. yes I did, Orrick replied, “I find this whole thing truly worrying, I didn’t think you where even interested in women”.

Christopher smiled “If I wasn’t interested in woman, THAT would be truly worrying. believe me im quite interested, its getting married im not keen on, and believe me… they are quite different”

“What would Henry say??”

“I wasn’t planning on telling him, besides im sure he’d understand he’s a man after all, its not like its going to mess anything up. Maegan will be married on schedule”

“And what about this girl? Does she know of your betrothal? Or are you destroying her future without a thought?”

“She knows” Christopher replied “Don’t worry i haven’t stolen anything from her, peasants don’t value virginity in the way we do, besides it was gone before i got there”.

“Do you love her?” Orrick asked.

Christopher shook his head “Don’t be stupid, she is a peasant and im not you”.

“i realize that” Orrick snapped “but love comes when we least expect it, and i don’t want another marriage messed up, we already missed the chance of having a Vaux in the royal family”.

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“Trust me father, everything is going to be fine, i have no intentions of falling for her”.

“What if she gets pregnant?” Orrick demanded.

Christopher shrugged “Then we have a backup if things don’t work out with Maegan, and ive just increased her value on peasant wife market, by proving she’s not barren”.

Orrick fumed ” well I expect it to stop” he demanded.

Christopher shook his head “and I expect you to knock, but I doubt either will happen” he said heading back into his bedroom.

3 responses to “Truly Worrying.

  1. Hmm…, don’t really like Christopher that much right now. He has little respect for women.

  2. I’m truly liking this kid. And his father has a lot of nerve. Back then it was common for lords to sleep with there servants. It’s n ot like he’s already married and she was forced into it. He’s right, why in the hell would he wait 9 years? That is asking a bit much, especially considering he didn’t even want to marry the little girl in the first place. Imo Daddy dearest needs to lay off.

  3. I don’t think he lacks respect for woman i just think hes speaking to his father in a practical “don’t be stupid” kind of way, the girl seemed like she was happy enough to be ther until Orrick walked in so they both seemed to be happy to enjoy each others company.

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