An Itch You Can’t Scratch.

Dorothy ran up head, looking down over the valley she watched as the flow of demons oozed down the mountainside like lava towards the wagons.

Somewhere off the the left, there was a commotion heading up the mountain, probably the solider she thought, idiot he’d be dead in no-time.

She had to move quickly, before the demons took out the wagons, but at the same time that large green demon in the center also looked like he might cause a fair amount of destruction on his own.

She’d have to go full out if the wagons stood a chance she’d never really pushed her gift, always wanting to live as normally as possible. climbing high up onto a rock wall she looked for a vantage point.

Meanwhile Cenemin faced off against the green skinned demon, he’d thrown his only weapon to his son, he only hoped this thing was not as powerful as it looked.

It swung out towards him, Cenemin narrowly dodged its blow, his limbs where not as quick as they once had been. He knew he couldn’t kill the beast he wasn’t so foolish to think he could. He only hoped he could distract it long enough for Dorothy… if it was indeed Dorothy to arrive.

He dodge a second blow, as hurled his weight against the beast hoping to unbalance it, he bounced futile against the creatures legs as it began to laugh.

Suddenly its laughter was cut short as it roared in pain, a flash of silver coupled with a roar of a different kind. The creature stumbled as though it had been hit in the back.

It lashed out wildly catching Cenemin in the side of the head. Cenemin flew and landed with a crunch has hit hit the stone wall. The creature continued to writhe like a dog with an itch it can’t quite reach.

Cenemin tried desperately to recover himself and as his vision cleared he saw the cause of the creatures pain. A blond haired solider was clinging desperately to a bastard sword he had embedded into the creatures shoulder. His legs flailing wildly he clung on for dear life, while he used his other hand to plunge a dagger relentlessly into the creatures neck.

Cenemin stood looking around, the solider wore a Grimstead uniform, where there more? had Henry sent his army? a few hours ago he prayed Henry wouldn’t follow but now things where desperate and he hoped he had, reinforcements would be really handy about now.

Seeing none Cenemin turned his attention back to the fight with the demon. Just to see the young solider finally lose his battle to cling to his sword, he was flung and landed at Cenemin’s feet.

Cenemin held out his hand helping the solider to his feet “Welcome” he mumbled.

The solider took his hand and pull himself up wiping blood from a deep gash above his eye he grinned ” Orion Carpenter, at your service” he winked, pulling a long sword from his belt he offered it to Cenemin ” weapon??”

Cenemin nodded ” thank you” he said taking the weapon. Turning back to the beast it continued to writhe focused on trying to remove the sword still embedded in its shoulder.

“I’m gonna need to get that back” Orion laughed.

2 responses to “An Itch You Can’t Scratch.

  1. Well fight scenes aren’t my favorite but I’m glad to see things moving, and no one else dead. At least not yet. And they got an extra hand to help who can fight.

  2. I like the fight scenes really gets things moving hehe….When the good stuff is over they can all go back to having babies and wondering who the fathers are.

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