By The Light of Day

Kaitlyn woke, the sun streamed though the window groaning she turned onto her back, not ready for her eye’s to meet the daylight, she kept them closed.

She’d not slept so soundly in months, hearing the bedroom door open plated footfalls hit the floor entering the room, “where have you been?” she groaned. “come back to bed”.

“Kaitlyn” a stern voice replied.

Shocked Kaitlyn jumped opening her eye’s King Henry stood over her, she quickly pulled the blankets up around her. “Henry” she replied shocked.

“Who where you expecting?” her replied not looking very amused, Kaitlyns nakedness coupled with the fact that she assumed he was someone else had obviously not been missed.

Kaitlyn blushed “I’m sorry” she replied, “I thought you where Alistair”.


“You’ve not seen him?” she asked.

“I saw your son this morning” he replied “what do you mean”.

“No I mean your son” she replied “he’s back”.

Henry looked confused, turning her motioned for the runner to leave him and the princess alone. Henry sat down on the edge of the bed “Kaitlyn whatever do you mean, Alistairs dead don’t you remember?” He asked brushing Kaitlyn’s hair up off her face as though he where looking for some bump on her head.

Kaitlyn pushed his hand away “yes I know” she replied realizing the whole thing sounded quite ridiculous “but he was here last night, he’s alive” she urged.

“Kaitlyn I do fear this whole things taken quite a toll on you, come back with me to the castle and we’ll get the maid to draw you a nice hot bath” he said genuinely concerned.

“Why are you looking at me as though ive gone quite mad” she replied irritated “ I assure you im quite well, your son was here”.

“That’s impossible, I know you miss him. We all do but he’s dead and people don’t just come back”.

Kaitlyn went quiet, she looked at Henry who clearly thought she gone completely insane, perhaps he was right, maybe it had just been a dream.

Kaitlyn nodded pulling the covers up around her she looked around the room for her nightgown.

Henry stood I’ll just be downstairs come down when your ready” he offered heading out of the door.

Kaitlyn quickly found her nightgown pulling it over her head she slumped back into the bed, tears rolling down her face. It had been so real how could it not be.

Eventually she managed to pull herself out of the bed, perhaps it had all just been some silly dream she decided.

As she stood she felt a familiar sensation, a trickle of wetness down the inside of her thigh, proof that no matter what had happened last night she’d been with a man.

Kaitlyn froze, a wave of panic hit her, what had happened last night, if it hadn’t been Alistair then who??

She could rationalize a vivid dream but not this….was it possible she was with another man and somehow believed it was Alistair?

No she thought she was prone to occasional fleet’s of fancy but that would make her insane and she wasn’t willing consider her self completely mad just yet.

She began to tear the bedroom apart, if Alistair was here there must be something he left behind, some evidence that would prove she wasn’t mad even if it was to just herself.

Henry must have heard the racket because within minutes he opened the door and stood watching as a pair of legs wiggled from beneath the bed.

“Kaitlyn” he snapped “what on earth are you doing”.

Kaitlyn appeared triumphantly clutching a small leather strap “See “ she said “ he was here, this is from his armour”.

Henry looked unimpressed “Kaitlyn dear that strap could have come from anything”.

Kaitlyn sighed, he was right It could have come from anything and it certainly wasn’t going to prove to the king that his dead son was not running about amongst the living.

Still it gave Kaitlyn some peace even if he didn’t believe her she knew she wasn’t going mad. “Go to his tome” she suddenly exclaimed “If he’s alive it will be empty”.

“Kaitlyn, I’ve had quite enough of this” Henry frowned.

“Please” she begged, “lets go there now I swear if he’s in there ill forget about it, please I have to see”.

“Kaitlyn, Alistairs been dead quite some time, the last thing you need to see right now is him, believe me dear its best to just remember him as he was”.

“Please” she begged.

Henry frowned “I tell you what ill send one of my men to check, will that do?”

Kaitlyn sighed realising it was the best she was going to get she nodded and headed out of the door and down the stairs towards the coach.

Henry hung back for a moment gently fingering the leather strap, following he cornered the steward in the hall having watched Kaitlyn climb into the coach.

“I need you to find out who was with her last night?? Do you understand??” the steward nodded “ she wasn’t alone, find whoever he was and bring him to me….Oh and one more thing, go and check Alistair’s tome for me…. Just in case”.

“You don’t actually believe her? Do you?” the steward asked in disbelief.

Henry chuckled “of course not, something happened to her last night and I plan to find out what but I hardly think it was the work of my dead son”.

“Then why bother checking?”

“Because it will give her peace of mind” Henry replied “besides I told her I would”.

4 responses to “By The Light of Day

  1. Poor girl, perhaps she really is losing her mind…

  2. Well I have a thousand ideas of what it could be but it will be interesting to see what it really is.

  3. Bah the evil demons have turned him into an undead beastie and like i said in an earlier post it’ll be something like a vampire and since hes just buggered off befroe sunrise i reckon i’m right!!!

  4. Hmm…that’s a sound theory Kalidor. I think…well if it’s so, I don’t want to ruin it. {^_^}

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