Losing Your Mind

Kaitlyn took a deep breath slowly and carefully she pushed the door open, the room was brightly lit and stood pretty much as she remembered it when she lived here.

Over by the window an armoured figure stood “Hello” she whispered, her stomach tightened in knots barely able to breath she waited as the figure slowly turned.


“Kait?” The figure asked as he turned to face her, she instantly recognised the face of her husband. She stood looking disbelieving at him, the room span and she hit the floor hard, everything quickly going dark.


She woke sometime later to find herself lying on the bed, Alistair paced the room, pulling herself into a sitting position he turned a gave her a huge grin “Does that mean your pleased to see me?” he asked.


Kaitlyn burst into tears, struggling to her feet she stared at him “ you can’t be real” she said shaking her head, she tried to flee from the room unable to comprehend how her dead husband what standing in front of her

Quickly Alistair caught her before she even reached the door, spinning her around he pulled her into her arms hugging her close “I’m here” he whispered.

“Am I dreaming?” she sobbed, half heartedly trying to pull out of his arms.

“No” he whispered “I came back to you”.

“Am I dead?” she asked “did I fall from my horse, am I in heaven?”

“No” he chuckled “you’re awake and alive”.

“No” she said pulling away “it’s not possible, I saw you, I saw you dead we buried you”.

“Shush now” Alistair replied, hugging her close “I can’t say I understand all the details, but I’m here and I’m not leaving you again”.

Kaitlyn struggled to comprehend what was going on, she desperately wanted to believe he was with her, but her logical mind wouldn’t let her. “I’m sorry” she said shaking her head “you can’t be real”

Alistair grinned “well if I’m a dream is there any harm in coming here and giving me a kiss?” he asked cheekily.


God, how Kaitlyn had missed, that grin. Unable to form a logical reason why not, she nodded allowing him to pull her into a passionate embrace. She’d often dreamt her was with her but none of her previous dreams had been so lucid.


“Where have you been?” she asked, if it wasn’t you we buried where have you been?”


Alistair shrugged “I don’t know, I remember falling, Thomas carrying me up into a cave… some other bits … next thing I know I woke up in the mountains alone”.

Kaitlyn, looked unsure circling him she rubbed her hand across the back of his armour, she could see the join’s in the armour where the blacksmith had repaired his armour for burial. “Take it off” she instructed.

Alistair grinned again his green eye’s flickering “Goodness Kait, I know you’ve missed me but do you really think now’s the time, I was thinking about getting so food first?”

Kaitlyn managed to laugh “maybe you are Alistair, only he’d put food before his wife” she said unbuckling the straps on his armour “I want to see your back” she said, still not fully believing he was here with her.


Alistair nodded helping her to take off his breastplate, followed by his padding. With his chest and back exposed Kaitlyn ran her fingers down the deep scar’s that ran across his back where the stone spike had pierced. “You’ve healed well” she commented, the tears had lessened but they still trickled freely.

As she finished her circle, he smiled running his hand up her arm to the back of her head he pulled her to him for another tender kiss, “Come “ he said leading her towards the bed “You’ve put the idea in my head now”.

Kaitlyn pulled away “We need to tell people” she said finally allowing herself to belive him “Your father, everyone’s going to be so happy, come with me back to the castle?”

He pulled her back kissing her neck “in the morning” he whispered.

“Please” she replied “we need to tell everyone, I can’t believe your real till other people see you too and prove I’m not losing my mind”.

“In the morning” he insisted “when we go back chaos with break out, and we won’t get any time to ourselves. Stay with me tonight tomorrow we can go to the castle”.

“I need to know your real” she sobbed.

“shush now” Alistair said softly “Does it matter if your losing your mind, either I’m real and we get one night in peace together or your losing your mind and you get one night before your illusion’s broken”.

Kaitlyn nodded “I suppose” she whispered “if I’m losing my mind, I hope it stays lost”.

Alistair tugged impatiently on Kaitlyn’s arm “Come on” he said pulling he towards the bed.

She pulled back “Wait” she said urgently, Alistair stopped and waited expectantly “I…. never… I never told you how much i loved you… I just wanted you to know… that I love you and I’ve missed you”

Alistair smiled “ I know” he said pulling her into an embrace “ I always knew” after a few moments he moved to look at her his eye’s looking deeply into hers. She blushed “you’re still beautiful” he whispered, as he moved her towards the bed.


She lay down as he took off his remaining armour and lay down to join her, pulling her close he kissed her slowly and tenderly.


They spent the rest of the night together in the bedroom making love each slowly and lovingly they both savour every kiss and every touch desperate to make it last as long as possible. Eventually Kaitlyn drifted off to sleep despite battling the urge for as long as possible.

3 responses to “Losing Your Mind

  1. Is this a replacement one, like Tarik?

    Or is it for real? That would be nice, right?

  2. I hope it’s not a replacement one. We already saw the real one as a zombie though. Poor Kaitlyn. Well it will be interesting to see how everyone reacts regardless. If she’s not losing her mind.

  3. Ewww…she just totally did it with a zombie I know it!!
    He woke up dead and that witch put a spell on him to make him look like himself but he’s really a green skinned monster wtha saggy foot and bad breath! {O_O}

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