Let the Death Begin

The green scaled beast lashed out widly towards Cenemin, catching him squarly in the chest the old man hurtled backwards, Nathanial and Edmund ran to the side of their father helping him to his feet.

Cenemin shook them off “protect the children” he growled, signalling towards the hills, Edmund barely more than a boy eyes widened as he looked around.

Out of the mountains surrounding them poured the enemy their red skin glistening in the sun it looked as though the mountains bled.

Nathanial pulled his knife from his boot and raced back the wagon that held his wife and children, “Papa “ Katherine cried in fear.

Edmund froze panic rising he lost all composure, although all the original darkfire men had been trained in the way of battle, Edmund had enjoyed a peaceful upbringing as a fishermans son and had never witnessed the curse in action.

“Your knife boy” his father urged, Edmund stared blankly for a moment as his father, suddenly understanding he reached down to his boot where cenemin had always insisted he kept a weapon.

He’d always’s thought his fathers over protective nature foolish but suddenly he was glad his father had insisted on training, Panic struck when he found his boot empty “ its on my bed” he cried.

Cenemin cursed pulling his own knife from his boot he threw across the floor towards his son “ Protect Jasmine and Brianna” he called, Edmund nodded and headed toward the wagon but wondered who planned to protect him.

Cenemin turned the beast that had once been Tarik, the green skinned fiend soon calmly waiting for its brethren to join the carnage it smiled “ let the death begin” it called.

Orion sprinted down the mountains jumping off the normal path he hurtled though the undergrowth without concern as it bit and scratched as his skin, desperate to get to the beasts before they reached the wagons.

As he climbed higher towards where the beasts lay in wait He caught Tarik’s transformation from the corner of his eye. It was hard to miss the 15 foot monster that replaced him.

Seeing it swat the old man aside, as Orion might swat a fly Orion had a change of plan, seeing a ridge just above the beast he headed upwards towards it.

The beasts where descending on the wagons now the first few reaching the path, but Orion paid them no heed continuing to his goal. He was quickly met by the first of the enemy; he cleaved though the first two with ease not allowing them to slow his ascent.

The third and fourth beast where killed just as easily, one as the end of Orion’s sword it barely had time to register had was happening when Orion barrelled into it, his sword extended like a lance.

The fourth manage to nick Orion in the arm with his sword but Orion didn’t feel any pain adrenaline coursing though his body a swift kick to the chest sent that beast to its death knocking flying down the mountain side, its screams fading as it fell.

Orion pushed upwards ducking and weaving around the beasts as best he could pushing his way upward he eventually reached the ledge and jumped…….

One response to “Let the Death Begin

  1. Wow cool fight so far, Orions a loon lol

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