Could it Be?

Kaitlyn dismounted the horse and walked into the graveyard, lit only by the light of the moon the area took on an eerie feel.

Pulling her coat tightly around her she wandered though the graves, to the centre where the silverhand mausoleum stood.

It was a simple structure; Henry had intended to build something fancier but hadn’t expected to be burying one of his sons so soon.

Since Alistair’s death he’d often mumbled about having it re-done but for the moment, the simple stone building held the body of Kaitlyn’s husband.

Heaving the heavy door open Kaitlyn made her way inside, moonlight from the door and tiny windows could barely penetrate the darkness, but somehow she managed to feel her way over to where Alistair’s stone casket lay.

It was a simple affair, there had been no time to have anything too ornate made, like the building its self Henry had often mentioned getting something more fitting made.

Kaitlyn ran her fingers gently over the surface of the stone, she knew being here alone at night she should have been scared, but she wasn’t, she couldn’t explain why.

After completing a full circuit of the casket she slid down the wall next to it, leaning her face against the cold stone she began to cry.

She sat there for what seemed like an age; disappointed that she didn’t find the peace she’d expected, Alistair didn’t speak with her here… she couldn’t feel his presence.

Eventually she hauled herself up of the stone floor and headed out towards the exit, mounting her horse she headed back towards the castle.

She had just passed the outer gates, when she spotted the house she and Alistair had shared, when they’d first been wed.

Seeing a light flickering in one of the upstairs rooms she turned her horse in that direction, she didn’t think Henry had moved anyone in.

Reaching the front door she began to knock only to find the door swing gently open, heading inside she called out “Hello, is anyone there?”

Getting no response from the darkness she slowly and carefully wandered towards the stairs, towards where she’d seen the light.

Light flooded beneath the door to the master bedroom, and memory’s of happier times flooded into Kaitlyn’s mind. She remembered her first night in this house, the wedding night she’d spent alone.

She wished she’d told Alistair more often how much she loved him instead of making him work so hard for her affections, towards the end her cold shoulder routine had become a sort of in house joke, she loved it when Alistair would try and win her round with his antic’s, he always knew just how to make her feel loved.

Reaching the bedroom door she paused watched as the light flickered beneath the door as someone moved about the room, and she could hear a familiar voice singing badly out of tune.

Her heart jumped for a moment “could it be??”

One response to “Could it Be?

  1. I just love cliffhangers ._. Oh well at least you update quick.

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