Kaitlyn woke with a start, tears flooded down her face she’d had the dream again. The one where Alistair lay beside her, his strong arms wrapped around her, while he told her he loved her and would never leave.

Checking the bed she found she was alone. The same way she had been every night for the passed few months, she felt sudden numbness she could still feel his kissed on her cheek his warm breath on her neck.

She climbed from the bed, and headed to the wardrobe, pulling out one of Alistair’s shirts, his scent lingered on it; she held it close for a moment before carefully folding it and putting it back. Annabelle had urged her to get rid of Alistair’s things but she couldn’t not yet, not when he didn’t really feel gone.


She headed out onto the balcony for some air, she missed him. She missed him more than she could have ever thought possible, the boy she’d found exasperating in university had made a home in her heart and now he was gone.

Life was so confusing for her now, everything racing uncontrollably? The King was in charge of her life now, and nothing she wanted seemed to matter.

She’d asked for a house to raise her children, she wanted away from this castle from the memories but Henry had refused, he said she wasn’t ready to live alone. Perhaps he was right, but she hated what was going on here.

The King had already agreed to marriage plans for her little girl despite Kaitlyn’s protests. Then there was Duncan, until his fathers death he’d been 2nd inline for the throne.

Kaitlyn had never fancied herself Queen however the idea of being mother to a future king had filled her with great pride. She couldn’t help but feel that the kings’ decision to pass succession off to Thomas had somehow cheated her son of his birthright

The crown would now follow Thomas’s line and Duncan had suddenly been demoted from Heir to the throne to merely another prince who would be packaged off to the barracks for knights training like so many unwanted second sons.


Kaitlyn sobbed up on the balcony Alistair would have never let this happen; it was only a matter of time before Kaitlyn herself became an unwanted entity in the house, would the king package her off too?

Had his refusal to give her a house been a sign of some other plan for her? Would he try and force her to re-marry?? The though sent a wave of panic though Kaitlyn’s mind, she couldn’t…. not when Alistair seemed so close….

Every night he came to her, his arms wrapping around her. In her dreams he called to her, begged her not to forget him.


Hurrying back inside the castle Kaitlyn grabbed a long coat throwing it over her nightgown she hurried quickly and quietly down the stairs into the courtyard where she ordered the shocked stable boy to saddle a horse.

She couldn’t explain why but she felt the need to be near him, mounting the horse she galloped pasted the stunned gate guards into the night, towards Alistair’s tome.

2 responses to “Alone

  1. Ooooo whats going to be in the house when she gets there.

  2. Poor Kaitlyn. She lost her husband and now doesn’t have any control of her children or her own life really. Makes me happy I’m in a time where women aren’t seen as objects as they were then.

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