Starting Again

 Gabriel had paid Father Mathew quite a substantial amount of money to make his wife’s child disappear, it wasn’t hard for the priest to make happen the solution to the problem was clear.



  Heading into the nursery Mathew found Kendra in her usual place baby Jenna in her arms. “ You missed her?” he asked.  

Kendra nodded eagerly “I know she should be with her mother but I just feel like she’s the only family I’ve got”.



Mathew nodded; Kendra had always stood by her belief that she was the daughter of Aldun and one of his maids. “Lord Hamdun wants Jenna sent away from here, where Jaedyn can not find her”  

Kendra suddenly looked concerned “Your not going to do it are you? Where will she go? Who will take care of her” she asked with an edge of panic.  

Mathew smiled “You know Kendra the lord has a plan for each of us, and as much as you are a very welcome addition to the monastery, this is not the place for you”.  

“You’re sending me away too??” she asked.  

Mathew nodded “The choice is yours ultimately, but I’ve found you a job and somewhere to stay I thought perhaps you could take Jenna and start a life for the pair of you”.  

Kendra looked down at the small baby in her arms “Take her with me?” she asked.  

Mathew nodded “You could raise her, I think you would make a fine mother”.  

Kendra nodded “You mean tell people she’s mine?” 

“I’ll leave the details up to you, so you agree?”  

Kendra nodded eagerly “I’ll take good care of her” she promised.


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