Not the Tavern

While the chaos raged inside the tavern, Farid, Asha and Dorothy did what they could to keep the mass’s of deamons outside at bay. 

Bellari comforted Arwyn, her gift was strong but in this situation it was of no help. She wondered if after this they would be able to keep their secret any longer.  

Looking over towards Falcon, he sat desperately trying to keep their young daughter Adanna occupied in the chaos, walking over she gave him a nervous smile “ can I leave Arwyn with you? She asked. 

Falcon nodded, taking the small boy from her arms without meeting her gaze. “are you ok?” she asked.  

Falcon looked up his face clearly showing the strain “No, Im not” he replied in a whisper “ this is getting out of hand, you know every time you run of too “save” someone, I sit at home and pickup the pieces, Im tired of it”

“This is my tavern” he continued “It might not be very impressive compared to your accomplishments but it’s all I have and now your tearing it apart too”  

He sighed deeply “everything seems to revolve around you and the twins, I love you darling but it needs to stop, what about Mael, Adanna and Leif, they aren’t gifted and they deserve a normal life…. “ His voice trailed off realising he’d said too much “ Im sorry”.  

“They have a normal life, as normal as it can be” she replied.  

Falcon shook his head “ There’s nothing we can do about it now, we’ll talk later we just need to sort some things out, now is not the time”  

As if to clarify his point there was a sudden and loud explosion, spinning flames licked at the windows and the sounds of screaming could be heard loudly and clearly outside. 

Falcon winced “ Please don’t let her destroy my tavern” he begged.  

Bellari nodded heading towards the doorway where Dorothy stood, she was causing quite an inferno in the centre of the street, she and Asha were causing quite a mess,  she kept the flames roaring while Asha sent demons flying into the blaze.

Meanwhile Farid focused on any demons on the outskirts who looked as though they where starting to form any sort of plan disabling them by causing them to fall to their knees from the pain of his telepathic attacks.  

Putting her hand on Dorothy’s shoulder Bellari whispered “ try not to burn down the tavern” she asked.  

Dorothy nodded; sweat pouring down her face the concentration drawn clearly upon it. Bellari could see the toll the attack was having on the young girl, “ You need to rest” 

“I’ll rest when they’re dead” Dorothy growled between gritted teeth. 

Bellari nodded looking out on the scene, it looked as though it was coming to an end most of the demons lay dead and those few remaining had lost all heart for battle and where on the verge of flight.  

2 responses to “Not the Tavern

  1. I might not comment often, but I read your story and love it. I am always curious as to how it might turn out. I can’t imagine spending this much time on one rkc. Of course, it may just be my flighty gemini nature….so HARD to concentrate on any one project sometimes…lol.


  2. Good little fight, but i think the cat is out the bag now, i’m interested to see how the loacal will react…will it be the classic “Burn Her at the stake” or maybe see her as the town saviour! i’m not holding any hopes up for her, people fear what they do not understand.

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