Bedroom Antic’s

Christopher sat on the floor of his chambers, he’d been home only a week but already he was finding life back in Grimstead unbearable.

Christopher had always loved a game of Chess and the theory of battle was even more intoxicating to the young man. Who during his time at university had spent hours in his dorm room replaying history’s greatest battles using little wooden figures on the floor.

Trying to work out the flaws in each of the general’s battle plans and drawing up plan’s of his own convinced he could have won even history’s greatest defeats. He’d graduated top of his class and was now eager to help Thomas with the army and battling the beasts in the mountains. 

However since his return he’d found his father lacked his enthusiasm. He was far more focused on Christopher’s failure to find a wife than he was on the states of war.

It wasn’t that Christopher couldn’t have found one if he’d wanted, in fact he’d had a number of casual relations with women, he just didn’t feel the urge to build anything lasting. Women tended to interfere with his battlefield plans and for the most part he was more interested in the activitys going on his bedroom floor than any they may have planned for the bed. 

However now her was home Orrick didn’t leave him alone for a minute constantly interrupting, with his insistence that Christopher learn how to manage the estate and find a wife. Orrick’s search for a wife for Christopher had initially taken him to the Shaw estate.

Lucy was older but with Vasyl dead a union of the two estates would improve the Vaux’s power base considerably. However Lucy had turned Orrick down flat and King Henry had been unable to persuade her otherwise. Leaving only one option, Kaitlyn’s Daugher Maegan.

Maegan was a good choice in most respects, the first daughter of Kaitlyn and the deceased heir to the throne. Christopher  was glad of the fact that she was still too young to be married. The longer he waited the longer he’d be without the hassle a wife would cause. However Christopher was still not impressed at his fathers plans, the idea of being betrothed to a child seriously un-nerved him.

Negotiations where still in full swing and today would be the day, that Orrick would take Christopher up to the castle to meet with Kaitlyn and Henry to discuss the matter.

There was a loud knock on Christopher’s chambers door, however without waiting for a response the door flew open and Orrick stood in the doorway “ come on Christopher we need to leave and your not even dressed” Sure enough Christopher sat in the centre of the floor surrounded by his miniatures wearing nothing put his underwear.

Christopher let out an exasperated sigh “ I don’t see why I need to come” he complained “ its not like she’s even old enough for me to make an impression”.

“It’s not her you need to leave an impression with “Orrick snapped “ get dressed and meet me downstairs we are leaving in five minutes.

Christopher nodded glumly and stood heading towards his wardrobe as his father turned to leave “ father” he called out, causing Orrick to stop and turn “ is it just me who finds it decidedly un-nerving that your trying to match me to my cousin”.

Orrick gave a half way nod, “ Yes I realise the situation’s not perfect but she’s not your cousin she’s your second cousin and the only noble woman available”

“She’s hardly a woman” Christopher scoffed “what is she five? If I’m going to wait for her to grow up wouldn’t we be better waiting for one of the none related noble daughters to come of age, surly there’s one that not that much younger than Maegan?” he asked hoping to delay the whole situation even further.

“Perhaps” Orrick admitted “ but Maegan is going to be highly sought after it will be a great honour to have her marry you”.

Christopher cursed under his breath, pulling his clothes out of the cupboard “ well I just hope she’s not too beautiful” he said he tone dripping with sarcasm, “I might not be able to wait till my wedding night”

“Christopher” Orrick scolded in a voice that told him he’d pushed his father far enough, he slumped onto the bed in defeat and resigned himself to getting ready.

3 responses to “Bedroom Antic’s

  1. I like this fella, looks like hes going to be good at tactics and battle plans and stuff, i started getting impressions of him being stern and unyeilding until i got the image of him playing with his soldiers on his bedroom floor in his Undies haha.

  2. Not to be technical , but christopher is technically Meagans first cousin once removed(. Kaitlyn is his first cousin because she is his mothers sister’s daghter, so Meagan would be his first cousin once removed becaise she is one generation down from his first cousin kaitlyn. Not that it matters, but i just thought i’d let u know LOLOLOLOL!!!

  3. Feel free to be as technical as you want :P im just happy someones reading hehe…

    Comments have gone abit quiet its hard to tell if anyones reading or not and if people are still enjoying it.

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