Waiting isn’t always the answer.

It was breakfast time in the Gawen house, Taye and Forrest had spend the previous day together but he’d not returned to the barracks and Taye had no idea when he’d be able to return to visit her again.
She felt sick, she didn’t know why but she couldn’t seem to settle herself. Her mother had sat as an amused onlooker the whole morning as Taye struggled to complete the most basic tasks.

Finally exasperated Taye dumped Neo unceremoniously into Clara’s lap “Argh” she complained “can you sort him out; I’m going to be late”.

Clara smiled sitting the small boy on the table she pulled off the tunic Taye had put on him inside out.  

“Oh dee dee” the little boy sighed “mommy poorly?” he asked as he watched Taye slump into the couch in defeat.

“No precious” Clara replied “Mommy’s fine” kissing the little boy on the forehead she placed him back onto the ground.

Neo toddled off happily towards his mother, who sat with her head in her hands. “Mommy poorly” he asked again trying to force his head between the gaps in her arms onto her lap. “is, ok mommy??” he said trying to stroke her on the head like he’d seen Clara do a thousand times.

Clara laughed dashing over she picked up the little boy “you are adorable” she laughed “your going to break some hearts when your older”.

Taye hauled herself to her feet leaning forward she gentle kissed Neo’s head, “I’m fine baby”.

The little boy nodded “all better” he grinned, obviously very please that he’d made his mother better.

Clara nodded “put the kettle on love” she said “ill pop Neo here down for a nap and we’ll have a cup of tea”.

Taye shook her head “I can’t mother I need to get to the shop, I didn’t open at all yesterday and I’m already late”.

“Shssh you” Clara scolded “The shop will be there this afternoon, if you haven’t got time for a cup of tea with your own mother then we may as well lay down and die already”.

Taye nodded in defeat “Ok” she sighed heading off into the kitchen.

A few minutes later the pair settled in the dinning room over a cup of tea “So what’s the matter then?” Clara asked knowing full well the answer.

“Oh I don’t know, I think I might just be coming down with something” Taye replied “a cold maybe, I haven’t been able to think straight all morning”.

Clara chuckled “a cold?? Are you sure that young gentleman you’ve been seeing hasn’t got something to do with why you’ve been feeling unwell”.

Misunderstanding her mothers meaning Taye gasped “Mother….. I’m not pregnant” she scolded “we haven’t gotten that intimate”.

Clara burst out laughing as Tayes cheeks flushed “Silly girl, I didn’t think you had I merely meant that perhaps your feelings for him where causing your stomach upset”.
Taye shook her head clearly not understanding “yes I have feelings for him, but I’m not sure what that has to do with anything”.

Clara laughed “ I just mean sometimes when men get involved in girls lives sometimes there normal senses get confused”.

Taye looked unconvinced “I’m sure my senses are fine” she replied indignantly “if your suggesting I’m losing my head over a man I’m sure your quite mistaken I’m quite in control of the situation”

Clara hid a small smile “So does he have plans to marry you?”  She asked.

Taye nodded “he says he does, when he can afford it”.

“Any idea when that will be?” 

“Taye shrugged “he says a year or two, he needs to make officer so he can get us a house.  Of course, I said I wouldn’t leave here, till I was sure you and Lysander would be taken care of”.

Clara nodded “Don’t worry about us love, you need to make sure you and Neo are taken care of?”

“I will its ok he says he can wait”. Taye replied.

“What about you?”

“I’ll be fine” Taye replied.

“You know love waiting isn’t always then answer” Clara said, placing her cup onto the table “ I didn’t get much time with Gabe before he died because I was foolish and didn’t see what was right in font of me”

“Were both still young” Taye reasoned “We’ve got plenty of time”.

“Aye I know that love, but I’m just saying waiting isn’t the only option available, besides you say you and he aren’t intimate are you planning on making him wait for that too?”

Taye looked up at her mother “you mean before taking him to my bed?” Clara nodded “well yes  … I was planning on waiting till we were married? Is that wrong?”

“No love” Clara answered “ I just think men are funny creatures and some things they can wait for and something’s they can’t and two years is a long time for a man to be without that”.

“Albert seemed to manage without” Taye reasoned.

“Aye well older men are different, but Forrests a young man with plenty of energy to get rid of, and I imagine he’s already thinking about his first night with you”.

Taye blushed “ I hope so, I’m thinking about it too” Clara smiled, stood and began to clear away the tea things. “ Mother….?”

“Yes dear?”

“Is it difficult? I mean I just worried that I’ll disappoint him, I’ve never done it before”.

“You’ll be fine love; there really isn’t much to it”. Clara replied.

“I know but he knows I’ve been married before, he expects me to know what I’m doing”.

“You haven’t told him you and Albert never consummated?”.

Taye shook her head “Its not exactly the kind of thing you mention in polite conversation besides, I don’t want people knowing, what will they think. They’ll either think Albert wasn’t able or there’s something wrong with me”

Clara nodded “well looks to me you have three options, tell him, don’t tell him and hope he doesn’t realise on the night, or make sure your wedding night isn’t your first time”  

“You mean sleep with him before my wedding night?” Taye asked.

“No love” Clara chuckled “wedding night or not, it will still be your first time together.  I just mean there are plenty of men out there and he doesn’t need to be your first you could … Well you could get some practice with another man. I’ve got friends still, I could arrange a good teacher someone who could help you really impress him on your first night”.

Taye looked shocked “Is that what you think I should do? She asked.

“Clara shook her head “No love, I think you should just tell him, because I’m sure he won’t mind.  Then again I don’t think you should be waiting two years to be wed either, id be marrying him as soon as I could but I doubt your going to take my advice on that either” she said with a smile.

One response to “Waiting isn’t always the answer.

  1. Hehe practice on other men sounds much more like modern day going to a Night Club.

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