Weeeeee im winning.

Dorothy looked desperately around the small square looking for an escape route; completely surrounding her protective wall of flame many demons stood eagerly waiting for her energy to fail and the wall to collapse.

The scent of death and burnt flesh hung strongly in the air, the flames crackled loudly and from every window a dozen eye’s watched out on the scene.

Suddenly a foolish or brave demon decided to try his luck, hurtling himself though the flame barrier, his clothing catching fire his sword drawn he darted towards Dorothy like a flaming missile.

Dorothy didn’t miss a beat, turning quickly to face him she extended her arm out before her sending a jet of flames out of her outstretched palm, the force of the jet sent the attacker hurtling backward into the wall of flame, but he was dead before he hit it his body charcoal it crumbled to the floor.

She needed to move, get away looking around she determined her best path, she’d need to fight her way out. She needed to blast an escape route so fast the other demons wouldn’t have time to close it before she made her escape.

Picking an alleyway guarded by four of the demons she hurled a jet of flames in that direction two of the monsters where caught by the flames and disintegrated on impact the other two managed to dive out of the way.

Dorothy cursed as the noticed the fragile timber beams of the nearest building catch fire, glazing up she could see people in the house staring out of the window in horror as there home began to burn with them inside.

She didn’t have time to worry about that now letting her wall of flames die she sprinted for the allyway. She protectively clung to Arwyn she was immune to fire but he was not.

Heading down the narrow alleyway she glanced behind her the two demons who’d dived out of the way of her jet had recovered themselves and where now following her.

She sent out a ball of fire barrelling into them it exploded loudly sending a wave of flame in every direction, causing the fire on the building to spread to the building on the other side of the alley.

Reaching the end of the ally she looked around quickly she needed to get out of town and quickly, but even more demons where gathered in this street. They’d not seen her yet, but if she left the shadows of the ally why soon would, looking behind her she could see more demons from the square cautiously heading down the ally behind her.

Suddenly one of the demons in the street collapsed to the floor clutching his head screaming writhing in pain, quickly he was followed by a second. Not sure what was happening she used the opportunity to run, sprinting down the street a demon flew passed her, as if it had been thrown. It crashed heavily into the wall of a nearby building missing her by inches .

Dorothy let out a small scream as a second whooshed over her head landing on top of the first. Confused and scared Dorothy just ran. “This way” a voice suddenly called out to her. Looking around she saw the doorway to Falcon’s tavern standing open young Farid waving her inside.  

Not needing a second call she sprinted passed him and inside the door. Catching her breath she came to a sudden halt in front of Bellari who smiled and took young Arwyn out of her arms “ your safe” Bellari smiled.

“Got another one… weeeeeeee” came a shout from upstairs she recognised the voice as Bellari’s daughter Asha. “3 – 2 Farid… Im winning”.

“Hey no fair” Farid shouted back “ I had to open the door” Dorothy watched as the young boy closed the door and ran back to the window.

“4 –2 “ came another shout from upstairs. Bellari shook her head “Stop it” she snapped, “this is not a game”

3 responses to “Weeeeee im winning.

  1. Hehe kids with powers, at least they’ve finally got a chance to let loose without there mum telling them off.

  2. I wonder what will happen when the demons find out that they are Tariks children. Now so far he has three. :)

  3. That was really cute… good thing those kids are so talented.

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