Escape in the night

Brianna sat huddled in the back of the wagon along with the children as it headed back into the mountains.  She shivered but not from the cold, twists in her stomach as guilt and nerves set in.

She’d been married to Peter for just a few short years and in that time he’d not made her happy. Still as she looked down at his children Hadrien and Eleua she couldn’t help but feel guilty for sneaking off in the night.


She’s always considered her gift more of a curse than anything; in her mind it had never served her any real purpose than to cause her pain. She wasn’t one of the powerful gifted she couldn’t read minds like Farid she was only able to sense peoples emotions.

Peter had genuinely cared for her in the beginning of there relationship and she’d sensed something in him worth saving, he was arrogant and selfish but not cruel in the normal sense of things merely thoughtless.  

After they’d been married a short time she noticed his eye’s wandering, the arousal he felt when certain of his staff entered the room, her gift always alerting her instantly to any relations he was having with them. Arousal, fear, excitement always present in him around these women, but never the slightest twinge of guilt. 

She’d tried to re-gain his attention and temporarily it had worked, but recently she’d noticed his gaze straying once again. Unlike in the past this attention was one way the serving maid in question had not returned his feelings.

Which is why it had taken Brianna by surprise when day Sable had entered the house the sent of guilt thick around her. Brianna would not have needed her gift that day Sable was unable to meet her gaze. 

She’d sat and watched her husband and the maid interact since that day, Peter was obviously enjoying his time with the maid greatly, however sable seemed disgusted by him, which made Brianna wonder what terrible things he had over her, to make she do something she was so unwilling.


She knew leaving him this way was wrong, but she’d married into nobility. There wasn’t another option for leaving your husband not matter how unfaithful he had been. Legally women where bound to there men for better or worse. So when Tariks call had come she’d packed up her things and ran off into the night.

2 responses to “Escape in the night

  1. Yea i don’t mind her dumping Peter so much as some of the others Peter wasn’t much of a nice guy at all.

  2. I think Brianna was justified in her decision to leavr. Peter SUCKS!!!! i can;t stand him. Actually, except for Kaitlyn, i’m starting to get annoyed by the whole Hamdun family. ..But anyway the rest of the lot are traitors for leaving

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