Maid or Wife.

Taye lay tossing and turning, could it be true that Forrest was willing to work so hard just for her.

Tomorrow Forrest had a day off from work he’d invited her out for a ride and a picnic, her mother had insisted she go and had insisted Forrest spend the night to save him the ride back to the barracks.

Unable to settle herself she gathered the blankets up around her waist and headed out into the corridor towards Deonte’s old room where Forrest slept.

Pausing at the door she shook her head “What on earth am I doing” she thought, she debated turning around and heading away, but instead she knocked lightly on the door.

A few moments later the door opened slowly and Forrest stood in the doorway smiling “And what can I do for you?” he grinned “I’m not sure you mother would approve you visiting a man’s bedroom in your nightgown”.

Taye blushed, pushing past him into the room “My mother was a whore, I doubt she’d care” she mumbled pulling the blanket she still carried more tightly around her.

Forrest chuckled, at her discomfort shutting the door to, without closing it completely.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

Did you mean it? She asked “About taking care of my family and me being worth the effort? Because if you didn’t I don’t think its fair of you to toy with me like this, I need to know” the words spilling uncontrollably from her mouth, a few stray tears forming at her eyes she stared at him hard bracing herself for the answer.

“Of course, I meant it” Forrest replied as he approached her, placing his hand firmly on her shoulder “what happened to the battleaxe, where did all this insecurity come from?”

“Why me?” she asked “I’m not exactly good breeding, rich or pretty. Why do you want me? And if we marry what am I to be? Do you want a companion or just someone to cook, clean and raise children?”

“I want you because you are pretty with the biggest heart I’ve ever known. You challenge me and make me strive to be a better man; I believe we can make each other happy”.

“Do you desire me?” she asked boldly.

“Pardon?” Forrest asked almost choking on the words “What kind of question is that?”

“One I need to know the answer too” she replied “Do you imagine taking me to your bed? Do you want to, for reasons other than, producing children?”

“Taye I don’t understand? What man wouldn’t want to take you to his bed?” he replied.

“My ex-husband” she replied “ To him I was at best considered a daughter, at worst a convenient maid, I vowed that if I was to ever re-marry my husband, would love me as a husband should. Now please answer my question?” she begged.

Forrest smiled “Yes I desire you, and yes I plan to love you as a husband should” reaching down he pulled the blanket from her grip, leaving her standing in nothing but her flimsy nightgown looking down at her he put his arm around her waist as pulled her close “Your husband was a fool” he said hovering.

“Why is it you’ve never tried to kiss me?” she asked.

Forrest chuckled “Because I feared, I’d get a slap if I tried”.

Taye smiled “oh, I suppose”.

“What about now? He asked “If I were to try and kiss you, now would I get a slap”.

Taye blushed, her heart beating so fast she feared it would leap out of her mouth, “I don’t know” she whispered “You could always try and find out”.

Forrest smiled and lent down towards her, pausing a short distance away “I’m nervous now” he chuckled, before leaning forward to kiss her softly.

Pulling away a moment or two later both of them smiled, especially Taye who had waited for a long time for her first real kiss.

“Time for you to go to bed” Forrest grinned “Otherwise I fear I might lock the door and spoil our wedding night”.

“How long do you think it will be?” Taye asked “before you can marry me?”

Forrest shrugged “I’m not sure only a few years I hope”.

Taye nodded secretly hoping it wouldn’t be that long. “Goodnight” she whispered.  

One response to “Maid or Wife.

  1. Aww. that is so sweet. I hope Taye finally gets the love she deserves.

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