She sat calmly on her Thone in Darkfire castle, when her scout arrived, Running into the chamber he screeching to a halt, quickly remembering to bow. “My lady”.  

The mistress stood, floating gentle like she was being carried on the breeze down to where he stood she ran her fingers down the side of his face gently brushing his cheek, she guided him to his feet “How does it fair?” she purred in his ear.  


“Everything is going according to plan” he replied “The kingdom will be tearing it’s self apart in no-time, the decoy is performing better than expected.  

“Marvellous, what about the gifted?”  

“There should be a group coming this way in the next few hours, the traps are ready they won’t know what hit them”.

“Wonderful” she exclaimed clapping her hands excitedly, turning on her heels her robes billowing out behind her she almost skipped towards her captor, pulling him by his chains she forced him to stand “ isn’t this exciting” she grinned “Your going to be king again in no time”.  


Tarik squinted from behind his swollen and bruised eyes “ Your insane” he spat.  

“So I’ve been told before” she cackled, turning back to the scout “ is the fire starter amongst the gifted?” she asked.  

The scout shuffled uncomfortably “ No mistress, she refused”  She screamed in rage. Turned back to Tarik she suddenly composed herself “So tell me, how do I get that pretty little redhead up here?”  

“Dorothy?” Tarik smiled “ that girls never done anything she was told a day in her life, she wont come if she doesn’t want to”. 

 “Then how do I make her want to” The mistress screamed, pulling roughly on the chains jolting Tarik’s battered and bruised body. 

 “I’m not telling you anything” Tarik spat.  

She grabbed him roughly around the neck, squeezing on his throat effortlessly “Don’t you toy with me, don’t think I won’t kill you”. 

 “There are worse things than dying” Tarik gasped.  

She threw him to the ground, “Quite true” she snapped, clapping her hands “ Dearest” she called “ come show Tarik here, what’s worse than dying”.  

Tarik heard a groaning noise to his left, looking up he saw shuffling feet following the body upwards he was greeted with a face he recognised.


Vasyl still in his knightly gear his head lolling awkwardly to the left, he’d obviously been dead for sometime his flesh rotting from the bone and yet somehow he still moved. 

Tarik reeled from the sight he’d seen plenty of death in his time but nothing quite like this. “did you like that?” she purred. “If you did you’ll LOVE this.

 Unclipping Tarik’s chains from the wall, she half dragged him across the floor towards a door at the back of the chamber, pushing it open it revealed a grand bedchamber.  

In the bed lay yet another person Tarik recognised, Alistair’s corpse was laying in the bed the blankets tucked up around him like he was sleeping only the smell of death revealed the truth “I knew I’d get him into my bed again” she cackled


”Though digging him up was most inconvenient, just the bookworm to go, then we have a full set” she said dancing gleefully.

4 responses to “Decoy.

  1. Wow looks like Tarik isn’t the bad guy after all, i wonder how long his dopplganger has been in the castle!! And if Vasyl has come back as a zombie i reckon Alistair will come back stronger maybe a pure vampire!!

    Oooh and we truly have a B***h Queen she was like that in life god knows how bad she will be in death mwahahaha.

  2. …Alistair isn’t a vampire at all…

  3. OOHH MYYYY GODDD RISA is BACK??? I thought she was exacuted?? THis is truly suspensful!!!!

  4. Oh man! She’s back… and eeew zombie time. Still… I can’t help but be a little excited to see Alistair even if he is rather blue.

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