Royal Plan’s

During the discussions between Henry and Orrick about the arrangement allowing Thomas’s to marry Holly rather than Raeann, it had been decided that as part of the deal that Raeann would be sent to live up at the castle as Lady in waiting to the future queen, Kaitlyn.

Raeann had been pleased with the arrangement as not only did it get her out of a marriage to a man she despised, but still gave her that taste of royal life, she would have gained from marrying the prince. Also as a member of the Royal household, it would give her chance to travel all over the world, and the possibility of finding and marry a man more to Raeann’s liking.    

However with Alistair’s sudden death, Raeann’s plans lay in shatter’s. She was still lady in waiting to an important member of the royal family but as the mourning princess rarely left the castle, the chances of her finding the man of her dreams rapidly diminished, she was already 21 and concidered by many too old to be concidered for betrothal. 


Kaitlyn struggled to come to terms with Alistairs death, she’d given birth to Alistairs final child just a weeks ago after a long and difficult pregnancy. A son she named after his father, but now her future was uncertain. Henry had told her that she could stay In the castle, however she’d never been happy there, at constant war with the queen and she felt the sooner she got away the better.  

She’d asked to be moved back to the home she’d shared with Alistair when they where newlywed’s knowing that it would soon be time for Thomas and Holly to come and take her place up at the castle.

However Henry wouldn’t hear it, he was concerned that Kaitlyn would withdraw into herself completely if left alone.  Besides truth be known Henry loved having the royal twins around the castle keeping the entire household on their toes. Especially Maegan, who had already developed a talent for getting herself into all sorts of mischief.  

Around the house discussion’s where already underway as to Maegan and Duncan’s Future, Kaitlyn was still in no fit state to take part in the plans, so Henry took the lead as their Grandfather.  

Like his father it was decided Duncan would take knightly Training, under Vincent’s tutelage as soon as he turned 6, he would then go to university as his father had before him, with many of the noble houses having young daughters the option for a wife where good, and for now at least there was certainly no rush to choose one for him.  


However the plans did not stop with Duncan’s future, Betrothal plan’s for Maegan where already being considered. Orrick had already approached Henry about the young Princess, as he felt that at this time it was particularly important for Christopher his son and heir to marry well.  

The Vaux estate was going from strength to strength and a royal marriage would secure the houses status within Grimstead and would eradicate the last of the damage caused by Orrick’s divorce and re-marriage.  

Orrick had tried to encourage Christopher to find a noble wife at university however other than a few casual flings, Christopher showed little to no interest in the opposite sex, too busy focusing on his studies, in particular his love of military tactic’s and general warfare. 


Henry had reservations about such a matching, Maegan was only 4 and although she couldn’t be married for a further 8 years and Christopher, Orrick’s son was already 17, which left a substantial age difference between the pair.  

Orrick pushed for an agreement, worried that it was only a matter of time before other family’s showed interest in the little princess.  Knowing that if he could get an agreement an official betrothal was almost as solid as a marriage, and he could relax while they waited for Maegan to come of age.

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