Count me Out

“Forrest sat in the rest room back at the barracks, his rather unsuccessful appologie to Taye still firmly in his mind. He sat debating his best course of action, he was far from giving up, and something about the young woman really stirred something inside him. Besides he’d deserved the lashing she gave him and she was very attractive angry.

 The door burst open and Cole and Deonte burst in laughing, and fooling about. Seeing Forrest sitting in the corner Cole called out “ I take it by your presence here, your lady friend is still not talking to you”.  “Forrest nodded “Aye, no thanks to you”   

“Well me and Deonte here are heading over to that new whorehouse if you fancy joining us?”  

“Forrest shook his head “No thankyou, I’m looking for something more meaningful these days”.  

“Arh well your loss” Cole laughed.  

“Your loss if your wife catches you Cole” Forrest laughed “Or even worse her father, I hear rumour Lord Vaux has quite a reputation for killing men who cross the women in his life, he killed two men who crossed his ex-wife imagine what he’ll do if he catches you hurting his daughter”.  

“Bah, better make sure he doesn’t catch me then” Cole scoffed “ Besides it’s Daria’s own fault, she wont let me near her anymore.” 

“Forrest shook his head in disgust “how long have you been married?” 

“Two years” Cole replied.?”

“I’d have more respect for her if I where you” Forrest replied sternly “I’m not surprised she wont let you near her, she’s given you three babes in two years and your complaining, because she doesn’t want to work on your fourth so soon”.  

“A man has needs” Cole laughed.

Forrest shook his head, turning to Deonte “ Im surprised he’s talked you into this madness”.  

“Hey Im free and single” Deonte replied “I’m not hurting anyone”.  

“I suppose” Forrest replied, “Well you can count me out, I’ve got better things to be doing”.  

Cole shook his head “ well I still think you’re mad, chasin a woman who couldn’t even bare her ex-husband a child”.   

“For your information she had a son” Forrest replied, “So you can take your gossip elsewhere”. 

“Really?? That’s not what people say” Cole answered.  

“Actually Neo’s not hers by birth, her and Albert adopted him, his family where killed a couple of years ago” Deonte offered. 

“Oh!” Forrest replied his face dropping suddenly.  

“Don’t let it put you off though” Deonte replied defensively “ There’s nothing wrong with her… it wasn’t a problem with her I don’t think”  

“What was it then?”  

“Im not sure of the details” Deonte admitted “It not exactly the conversation you have with your little brother, I did over hear her and my ma talking once though. I got the impression he never went near her”  

“He was an old man married her for convenience. You know to have a woman about the house, I got the impression he wasn’t interested in her in that way”  

“I went up to there house a couple of times, they had separate beds, just small ones not exactly made for it if you know what I mean, and he wasn’t exactly warm to her either, treated her more like a daughter or maid than a wife by my reckoning, I doubt they even consummated”.

2 responses to “Count me Out

  1. Oh gosh, he gossips like a old fishwife. If Taye finds out her brothers running his mouth about her business she needs to whoop him and good. {>.<}

  2. Bah she shouldn’t whoop him she should thank him!!! She won’t appreciate her dirty laundry being aired but she may actually have a husband soon because her little brother don’t a part of the truth at least Forest will stay interested

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