Not that Man

Day’s had passed and Taye was still fuming over her conversation with Forrest, as much as it was exactly what she’d expected people to think it still hurt to think she’d been rejected based the assumptions of a few gossips, people who had no real idea what the situation had been between her and her previous husband.

 Still she had her son and her mother to support her things where not so bad she thought as she busied herself in the shop. Just as she’d finished laying out the last of the days catches on the shelves the bell on the door rang, she turned to see Forrest enter the shop.  

Shooting him a glare she stormed behind the counter, hoping he’d get the message and leave.


Instead Forrest headed directly over holding a vase of flowers, placing them on the counter he smiled “ peace offering”.  

Taye glanced at him and then at the flowers with distain “ It will take more than flowers to get me to forgive you” she snapped.  

“Dinner then” he offered.  

“You’ve got to be joking,” she mocked.  

“I truly am sorry” Forrest repeated “ I shouldn’t have made any assumptions, please I’d like to make it up to you”.  

“Perhaps I should question your personal life, before I decide” she replied, “ I take it you’ve been with a woman??”  

Forrest looked very uncomfortable “ Im not sure this is the place for this” he said looking around at the other customers in the shop who by now had stopped there shopping and where listening in with interest.  

“Well you seemed to think a mess hall full of soldier’s was the place to discuss my intimate history, embarrassing my brother” she snapped. “ So have you been intimate with a woman?”  

“Erm yes” Forrest replied “ but Im not sure what this has to do with anything”.  

“Many women or just a few??” she asked ignoring his protests.  

“Just a few” he replied.  “Oh so you’ve been married before then??” “No I haven’t”.  

“Oh right so you make a habit of taking advantage of young girls then and abandoning them after you’ve had your fill then??” 

“ No, it wasn’t like that” Forrest said trying to defend himself, obviously very uncomfortable with the whole line of questioning especially in front of a shop full of stranger’s who where obviously getting great enjoyment from the spectacle.  


“I’m sure it wasn’t “ Taye replied her tone dripping with sarcasm “ So any children from this conquests?”  

“None that I know of” 

Taye nodded “So what do I gain from this information?” she asked “ Either your such a scoundrel that you don’t stay around long enough to find out if any of your conquests had consequences or perhaps that you are the one with fertility issues, after all you’ve admitted bedding several different women, and yet YOU have failed to produce any children”  

Forrest looked dumbstruck “ But … I … “ he managed to mumble.  

Taye smiled and picking up the flowers she thrust them into his arms “ Either way as one day I would like a husband and children, what I have learnt is that you are not going to be that man… GOODBYE”.

3 responses to “Not that Man

  1. Haha i like this girl, that will make him think twice before listening to gossip.

  2. Woot!
    You go girl!
    I really like Taye. She sure told him. {^_^}

  3. Wow! She let him have it! She sure is feisty, I like her.

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