Wrong Answer

Taye was in the market place with Neo, picking out some fresh fruit and vegetables to take home, walking out of the shop she missed her footing and slid tumbling towards the floor.


 As she fell an arm reached out and caught her, steadying herself she looked up to see the young solider who’d been visiting her shop, she blushed furiously “ thank you”.  

Forrest smiled “Your most welcome” 

He’d not visited her shop in over two months now and Taye figured his interest had wavered. Not wanting to leave him an awkward position she hurried to get out of his way. Desperately trying to collect her split shopping with one hand while still holding her young son arms with the other.  “Let me help” Forrest offered, “ Give me the boy”. 

Taye smiled “Thank you “ she said handing Neo, to the man; she saved the rest of her shopping and fixed her bags.  

Forrest watched gently bouncing the young boy, “What’s your name?” he asked.  

“Neo” the little boy replied, looking rather unsure of the situation, screwing up his face he struggled to get out of forests arms “ Ma….Ma” he squealed.  

Taye smiled and took the little boy back “Sorry” she said “ he’s a bit shy” putting Neo on the floor she took the little boys hand.   

“No problem, I have that effect on children” Forrest replied suddenly confused, had the little boy called her mother?? “ I didn’t know you had a child”.  

Taye shrugged “No real reason you should” she replied “ Thank you for the help, but I really must be going” she said turning to leave. 

Forrest chased after her quickly catching up her reached out to take one of her bags “ Here let me walk you home” he offered. 

Taye looked confused “ I can manage” she replied. 

 “Really I’d like to.  My names Forrest by the way and your Taye right?” 

Taye nodded “ yes I am” she answered handing him one of the bags “ I thought you’d lost interest” she said blushing.  

“No” he replied “ I had some reservations, but I can see now that I shouldn’t listen to foolish gossip”.


Taye gave him a sideways glance that told him he’s said too much “What kind of gossip?” she asked. 

 “Nothing important, it doesn’t matter, foolish soldier talk” “Tell me” she urged.  

“Really it was foolish, it doesn’t matter”. 

 Taye shrugged “fair enough, but I won’t see you again till you tell me”.  

Forrest went quiet for a moment “ One of the soldiers said that your breeding had effected your ability to have children, but it doesn’t matter I can see you’ve go no problems” he said referring to the little boy at her side.  

Taye looked confused for a moment, but it quickly passed as a hurt expressing took its place “Can I asked then what exactly are your intentions towards me?”  

Forrest smiled “ well I’d like to see you again, possible court you if you were open to the idea?”  

“With the idea of possibly marrying me?” she asked boldly.  

“Well, yes maybe” Forrest replied “ if we got along”.  

“And having children?”  


“Erm Yes, that would be the plan “ he replied, not quite sure how to take the expression of anger on her face. 

 Taye nodded “ Lastly Im wondering… is that all I would be, a baby making convenience”.  

“No of course not”  Forrest replied suddenly understanding her anger. “Its just that having children are important to me… and.. “ his voice trailed off. 

 “Oh I understand” Taye cut in “ You lost interest the moment you thought I may not provide children, I was no longer worth chasing so you simply gave up… Now because you see me here with Neo. You think your information is wrong and suddenly your interest has returned”. 

“It’s not quite like that” he tried to reply.  

“For you information, there is nothing wrong with my breeding. I am quite capable of bearing a child and I am proud to be my mother’s daughter. She provided me with a good upbringing, it may not be to everybody’s liking but she did just fine, without a man in her life…” she said snatching the bag out of his hands ” And so shall I”  Turning she stormed off down the road with Neo’s little legs struggling to keep up.

3 responses to “Wrong Answer

  1. Ooh, she’s maaaaad….

  2. Haha doesn’t matter what good intentions he may have had hes put his foot in it…not that i’ve not done that myself a dozen times

  3. lol yes you have :P

    Kalidor’s my hubby btw …. foot in mouth he’s very good at…

    Like when he told me he and his friend flipped a coin to see who got to ask me out :p

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