Leading her Along.

Forest sat at the breakfast table when Vince walked in, “morning Sir” he called with a bow of the head.  

Vince settled down opposite “Morning” he smiled “How’s it going with your young lady friend, I’ve noticed there’s a shortage of fish in the larder” 

Forest shrugged “ I haven’t seen her, I’ve decided to concentrate on my career for now”.  

“Oh that’s a shame, I expect you’ll be wanting to save some money, prepare yourself for taking a wife. I suppose its very sensible, but don’t you worry one of the other soldiers will catch her eye in the mean time?”  

Forest “ shrugged again, there are other women”.  

Vince nodded “Its funny I remember a time not so long ago when we, had fathers fighting for our eligible men for their daughters, now though with all the new soldiers it’s the women that are in shortage, I wouldn’t leave it too long if I were you or you may find there are no women left”.  

Forest managed a half-hearted smile “ I hear your wife’s pregnant again, congratulations, how many is that now?” 

Vince smiled “This will be the 5th, if she carry’s it to term. Nancy has suffered a few miscarriages in the past and with her age we are try not to get our hopes up, still with luck and god’s willing it will be the 5th. Still I suppose I can’t complain just a few years ago it didn’t look like we where going to get past the 1st, she’d done well”.  

Forest nodded “ Children are important” he said sadly “ Do you think you would have married your wife if you’d have known she was going to have problems carrying baby’s to term”.  

Vince shrugged “That’s a tough question, I suppose so, I love my wife and even though every child doesn’t make it, four healthy baby’s is nothing to be ashamed of”.  

“What if you’d thought she wasn’t going to be able to carry any of your children?” Forest asked,

“ Would you have married her knowing you may never be a father?” Vince looked quizzically “Is this about what Cole was rambling out about the other day? Are you concerned your young lady friend maybe unable to bare a child?”  

Forest nodded “ I know it’s a terrible way to think, but having children is very important to me”  

Vince nodded “ that is quite a dilemma, I don’t really know what to say. I’d like to say that I’d not worry about it and marry her anyway if you think she’ll make you happy, but I can’t honestly say what I would have done in your situation. My wife makes me happy but my children are the real blessing. I doubt I’d have married her though, if i’d thought she couldn’t bare any children”  

Forest nodded “I really like her, she’s got a real nobility about her, but I just can’t shake the feeling I’d be wasting my time. I came to Grimstead, to work in the army and earn some land so I can have something to pass on to my children, give my family something my father was never able to give me”.  

Vince nodded “That’s a honourable goal, but saying that most of us don’t know about our wives ability to bare children till we try and I wouldn’t have left my wife once we were married even if there had been problems”

Forest sighed, “That’s supposed to be the advantage of marrying a widow, they are supposed to have proven their ability to provide children”.  

“Still your getting terribly ahead of yourself aren’t you? You haven’t even courted her yet, you might not even get along” 

Forest nodded “ I know but I don’t want to lead her along, it seems a cruel thing if I have doubts about where it could lead, besides leaving her would be harder if I found I liked her”.  

“Why don’t you talk to Deonte” Vince suggested “Perhaps he could give you a better idea of the situation, perhaps there was a reason her and her husband never had children?”

One response to “Leading her Along.

  1. Ooh man….I hope he doesn’t give up on her. I mean telling people she’s a virgin still isn’t going to be something she spouts out. But if he gets to know her and they do get married then she’ll tell him in confidence. And besides that, secretly every man wants a virgin ;)

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