Lost Interest

Taye’s dress was finally finished and she wore it almost religiously each and every time she went to work in hope that her strange admirer would come in and see her. 


 However as the weeks passed he didn’t come and a disheartened Taye finally concluded he’s simply lost interest. Perhaps she been right no man would ever think of her in that way.  

Taye saw him twice over the next few months, the first time he’s hurried by her in the market place so quickly by the time she’d found the courage to approach him he was gone.  

The second time however she spotted him out of the window of her small shop, running outside she called to him, but he just seemed to pick up the pace and hurried away.  

The shop its self was doing very well, the small stream that ran though Gabes property was the only one on the Beaumont estate so she had little competition and business was good. 

She managed to earn enough money to finally get her mother out of debt and even managed to raise the money to call for the doctor to see her mother’s bad chest.  

Clara was doing well and Taye felt much more confidant that she’d survive the winter as long as Taye kept her indoors where it was warm. 

One response to “Lost Interest

  1. Oh poor Taye. I hope the other soldiers gossiping didn’t put him off. :(

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