Deonte gets Defensive.

It was early morning at the barracks and many of soldiers sat around the breakfast table, some lived on campus while some had their own houses close by, where they lived with their families



 There had been some early morning drills, so Vince and Cole had missed breakfast at home, and now sat with the rest of the men, catching up on the missed meal.  

 Having grabbed a plate of food Forrest sat down at the table, he’s visited the fishmongers the day before and was now pretty confident the young girl behind the counter had gotten his message, not only that but he also felt quite sure she liked him too.  


Vince nodded as he sat “ how’s it going with your young lady friend? Vince asked.

He’d been paying close attention to Forrest’s movements over the last few weeks. He saw a great deal of talent within him, would have made a good knight if only his training had begun sooner. It was too late now of course, so Forrest would have to be content as part of the regular troops. Still Vince was sure he’d do well if he set his mind too it.

Forrest smiled and nodded “ Very well thank you”.  

“Do you even know her name yet?” 

Forrest smiled “Not yet, but I will”.  

Just then Deonte entered the room he’d gotten back the day before and now hobbled about on crutches, “ Here’s someone who will know” Vince called “ Deonte lad, you used to live up on the Beaumont estate didn’t you?”  

Deonte looked up suddenly “Aye sir” he said trying to salute without falling over.

Vince chuckled. “Stand down lad, was only a question. “Forrest here’s wondering if you knew of a young woman up there, runs a fishmongers recently widowed?”  


Deonte nodded “ Aye sir, that will be my sister sir”.  

Vince nodded “What’s her name lad?”  

“Taye” Deonte answered “ has she done something wrong?” he asked concerned.  

Vince chuckled again “Not at all, forest here’s taken a liken to her that’s all” Deonte nodded. 

Forrest smiled “You and she don’t exactly look alike, if you don’t mind me saying”.  

Deonte nodded “ Different fathers” he replied hoping the questions would not continue much further. His lineage or lack of, had always been a source of embarrassment.  


Forrest nodded not seeming too concerned, took another mouthful of food, to Deontes relief.  

Cole laughed “The whores daughter!!!!???  Oh well at least you can save yer self some money now, she’ll probably take ya to her bed in exchange for some copper coin and ya can save all that money you’ve been spending in her stall”.  

Forest looked confused not quite sure what Cole was talking about, but Deonte glared viciously.  

Vince smiled “ what do you mean spending money?” he asked.  

Cole laughed “The stupid gits been spending all his wages on fish in her stall trying to impress her or some such thing, haven’t you noticed all the fish in the larder?”. 

Vince shrugged having clearly not noticed, Forest laughed “Well I’ve got nothing better to spend it on”.


Vince Chuckled “I think perhaps, she’d be more impressed with a house, if your planning on courting her”.  

“Well if I were you id stay away from that girl” Cole said “Don’t get me wrong Im sure she’s find for a bit of fun but don’t be getting carried away something’s not right with her, probably to do with her breeding”  


Suddenly Cole felt a crack around the back of the head as Deontes crutch came swinging in “ there’s nothing wrong with my sister” he snapped.  

“Ouch” Cole said rubbing his head “ watch it boy or I’ll…. “  Before a fight could erupt Vince banged his mug on the table, everyone turned seeing the look on his face everyone instantly calmed down knowing better than have a fight in the company of the old knight.

Cole rose from the table leaning in towards Forest “ It’s up to you, but I wouldn’t be thinking about chasin her seriously, 4 years she was married and no child… Something wrong with that if your askin me. You need a woman who’s gonna provide a son”.

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