Going Home

Thomas shook Orion firmly by the hand “ I am glad to see you “ he said relieved “ I wasn’t expecting anyone for days.

  Orion smiled “ I’d taken my wife into the hills for a picnic, a young solider sort of fell into my picnic, he told me what had happened”. 

 “Deonte”  Thomas nodded “ Im glad he made it, he’s a good kid”.  

“aye, he made that run with a broken ankle not sure I could have done it”.  

Thomas laughed “after seeing you fight Im sure you could do anything you set your mind too, that was very impressive. Ive never seen a bastard sword, used as a throwing weapon before”.  

Orion laughed “ We use, what we have”.


“Anyway come and meet Alistair, Im sure he’ll want to thank you personally”

Thomas said walking towards the back of the cave.  Orion nodded “ Im eager to meet the heir myself” following behind.  

Reaching the makeshift camp, Thomas knelt beside Alistair who appeared to be sleeping, “ Alistair” he whispered gently shaking his brother “ Alistair” he said again a little louder, but Alistair didn’t wake.  

It was then Thomas noticed Alistair wasn’t breathing, shaking him harder he urged his brother to wake, realising Alistair was gone, Thomas took his hand. “ Im sorry” he whispered.


Orion came up behind him resting a forceful hand on his shoulder “ Im sure you did everything you could, come on lets get you home where its safe”.  

“I can’t leave him” Thomas said his voice breaking.  

“I’ll carry him” Orion said kneeling beside Alistair he carefully wrapped up his body in a blanket and hauled him up onto his shoulders before the pair slowly made their way back down the mountain back towards home.

5 responses to “Going Home

  1. Oh no, poor Thomas. Looks like they will have a nice taste of courtly life soon enough!

  2. oooooh poor royal family

  3. I think it should be Poor Kaitlyn and there children :-( The two children and one on its way will grow up not knowing there father i can’t think of something much worse, it also took Kaitlyn a while to find she truly loved Alistair and shes now lost him after only a few short years :-(

  4. sniffle…. oh Alistair :( gah.

  5. *cries* {~_~}

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