Not a moment to Soon

Orion ran up the path he could hear the sounds of clashing steel; pulling his sword from his belt he increased his speed.  He tore around the bend at lightning speed, regardless for the drop into the deep Chasm should he miss his footing certain the princes where in need of help somewhere nearby.

Clearing the bend he saw the path lead upward, just ahead of him stood two red skinned beasts matching the description, Narrisa had given of those that killed his father.

Drawing his sword he charged, up towards the beasts, however when he reached them he didn’t slow down, didn’t pause he barrelled straight into them. Stunned by the sudden attack the first lashed out wildly with its weapon, but Orion deflected the blow with ease. 

Getting past the creatures meagre defences Orion grabbed the creatures tunic spinning himself around he dragged the creature with him sending it flying into its companion.    Letting go Orion continued his spin and didn’t even watch to see both creatures tumbled helplessly into the chasm.  Focusing solely on his run up towards the sound of fighting.   

Reaching the top of the path he could see the entrance to a cave, a battle raging inside, however between him and it, stood two beasts picking over the bodies, of Grimstead’s dead soldiers.

Orion roared in anger, launching himself into the beasts with no concern for himself, taking two solid blows for his trouble. The pain only made him stronger. Kicking out with one leg he knocked on of the beasts backward, taking his bastard sword in two hands he swung out at the second.

The creatures managed to put its sword in the way of his blow, but it barely mattered the force of the blow was such it cleaved into the beasts chest regardless sending its own weapon with it.  The creature looked stunned trying to comprehend why its own weapon was embedded in its chest, though it didn’t matter the beast was dead before it hit the ground.  

The second creature stared at its dead companion, and then stared at Orion knowing it was out matched its turned to run, it barely got two steps before a flash of steel sent its head rolling from its neck.  

Orion reached the mouth of the cave quickly he glanced around absorbing the situation. Only two creatures left standing, the first however was just about to descend upon the young prince, who appeared to be trapped under the body of a third.  

The second creature was almost upon Orion as he entered the cave. It had heard the sound of combat and gone towards the entrance to investigate. Despite the immediate danger, Orion hurled his sword with such force, that despite its cumbersome nature, it had no choice but to fly like a javelin towards the beast standing above Thomas. With impossible accuracy it skewered it though the back killing the beast instantly.  

The final creature met Orion at the mouth of the cave swinging wildly with its sword hitting Orion in the thigh. Orion grunted, but didn’t waver. Swinging out with the only weapon left open to him Orion punched the beast hard in the jaw; there was a crunching noise although he wasn’t sure which of them it came from his hand throbbing.  

The creature swung again but Orion dodged the blow with ease, stepping forward passed the creatures defences, the creature swung again, but Orion was now too close for it to effectively fight with its sword, Orion kicked out at it knocking its feet from under it. Instead of letting it fall Orion grabbed it by the shirt throwing it out of the cave entrance, letting it tumble down the path. 

Orion walked casually towards Thomas and pulled his sword free before heading out to finish the job.  Returning a few minutes later Orion wiped his sword on the sleeve of his tunic.  Smiling towards Thomas “Glad Im not wearing white, like the rest of the men” he joked, “ It’s a terrible colour for keeping clean”.  

Heaving the dead creature off Thomas’s chest, he held out his hand to the young prince, nodding his head he helped him up “ Sergeant Carpenter at your service your highness”. 

4 responses to “Not a moment to Soon

  1. *Gasp*
    Ok, now I like Orion. {^_^}

  2. Another good scrap its about time those demons took a good whippin they’ll think twice before crossing swords with Orion again.

  3. Woot! Go Orion!

  4. woah! Go Orion! He is getting more phwoar by the minute.

    And gosh you do great fight scenes :)

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