The Offer

Thomas took a deep breath, slowly reaching for his sword, he backed towards the back of the cave where Alistair lay, glancing towards his brother he stayed quiet, hoping whoever was outside would carry peacefully on there way.

 Taking his dagger from his boot he slipped it Alistair, who managed to smile weakly, sweat glistening from his brow his face a deathly grey. He took the dagger his hand shaking barely able to grip the hilt.  

Thomas stood waiting, sword in hand, a few moments passed and finally the first of the creatures crested the lip, to the entrance of the cave. Snarling it was followed by a second and a third and eventually by a fourth.  

Thomas slowed his breathing, holding his sword out before him he stood protectively over his brother. He’d been trained in combat however his station as commander of Grimstead’s army was a rank bestowed on him though his title rather than his experience. 

Thomas had never actually been in real life threatening combat and although in training he’d proven himself to be good, right now the training stood for very little as nerves and fear took hold.   

The front most creature smiled, “Greeting’s your highness” it said bowing slightly.  

Thomas stood confused not quite sure what to make of the beast, shaking slightly he held out his weapon, he nodded acknowledging the beast. 

“Our master has bade us to come and negotiate with you” it said, “we come offering your life and the lives of the residence of Grimstead, agree to our terms and we shall trouble you no more”. 

 “And what do you demand in return??” 

The creature smiled “ nothing you can’t afford to lose, your brother there” it said nodding past Thomas to where Alistair lay” It looks like death is close for him anyway, so no great loss Im sure you agree, oh and the Princess Kaitlyn… deliver her to the mountains and we shall grant your land peace”. 

 “Why do you want them?” Thomas asked not really sure he understood. 

 He creature shook his head “ Im am just a foot solider, it is not my place to question the masters wishes, I simply bring you the offer”.

  “And if I refuse??”  

“We shall take him by force, killing all who stand in our way” it snarled smiling “ personally I hope you fight”.

2 responses to “The Offer

  1. I hope they give him time to think and consult with others.

  2. Oh gosh, why do they want him and Kait..?
    That is really strange…

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