Taye’s Future.

Taye sat in her room, baby neo playing contentedly at her feet. Everything felt so uncertain now, unsure as to what the future held.

 She’d found him a week ago, lying on the kitchen floor, his sandwich half made. There had never been what most would call a real marriage between her and Albert but now he was gone the world seemed a scary place.  


Taye was only 19 and already a widow. Bran and Abagael had assured her that she could stay at the house with Neo, but they where a young couple and she felt they deserved to enjoy there life together without a third wheel getting in the way.  

Her mother had offered to let her back home, and although it felt like a step backwards Taye had accepted for now. Clara had been sick for sometime and she knew her mother worried, that if she died Lysander her youngest son, would end up being sent to the monastery and the Beaumont’s would take Gabe’s home off the family.  Taye didn’t mind helping out her mother, but she still worried about the future.

Bran had used some of the family savings to buy her a small fishmongers stall at the local market. The stall she and Abagael had ran from the Howards home had been such a success he was certain she could make this work, fishing using the river running though Gabe’s land.  

It would provide the young woman with a modest income and the extra money would help her mother who had been stuggling with her bills. However It was only a matter of time before Lysander took a wife and she wound up feeling like a third wheel again, she needed something more permanent for her and her son.  

Her mother had tried to reassure her by suggesting that she was still young enough to re-marry and maybe perhaps have some children naturally. That idea terrified her too, she’d never so much been on a date never mind actually been courted, she couldn’t even say she’d ever so much, as had a real kiss from a boy.  

Besides she knew what people said about her, it had always ran like water off a ducks back but now peoples words had a more painful sound. She’d been married for 5 years and although everyone in the house knew the real nature of her and Albert’s relationship, people outside of it had begun to talk.  

Everyone knew Neo had been given to the couple by the church, and most assumed it was because Taye had been unable to conceive. Taye had never bothered to correct them, as really it had never seemed important. Besides she’d not wanted to embarrass Albert by telling the world, he’d never even once tried to initiate an intimate encounter.  

But now she had to wonder about her future, she felt terribly guilty for thinking about it so soon after Albert’s death. But who would marry a widow who as far as everyone was concerned was barren, and what was she going to do, about providing a secure home and future for her son?

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