Luxury of Sleep

Alistair had made it though the night, much to Thomas’s relief. Thomas had stayed awake all night keeping watch. 

They’d not been disturbed in there cave however the creatures had returned some time during the night, hunting though the corpses of the dead. Taking with them anything usable.


 The most disturbing thing was the interest they showed the corpse of Vasyl, they’d paraded it around quite triumphantly, obviously very pleased with that kill, and had eventually taken it with them.  

Thomas had wanted to run down the cliff and stop them defiling the corpse of the knight but doing so would have cost him his own life and the life of his brother so instead he sat and prayed.  

He couldn’t work out why that particular kill was so important to the beasts they showed none of the other dead men anywhere near the attention and he was the only one they took with them, eventually Thomas decided it was probably simply because Vasyl was a knight, either that or they’d mistaken him for some kind of officer because of his different uniform.  

Now that daylight shone, Thomas gave his brother one last check over and settle down in the corner to sleep, he didn’t feel safe sleeping however it had been over 24 hours since he’d last had the luxury and with several days till a rescue was likely he had to do it at some point. He drifted off restlessly, awaking several hours later to the sound of snarling footsteps climbing the path to his cave.

2 responses to “Luxury of Sleep

  1. Uh oh…

  2. Snarling footsteps and they are in a cave. Doesn’t look good.

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