Long Climb

With Alistair up on his shoulders Thomas Looked up at the rock wall, its was only a 20 feet climb but right now it might as well have been 200ft.

Grabbing hold of the rope he’d secured at the top Thomas began to make the agonising climb upward. Alistair’s added weight made the journey painful. 

Thomas felt his shoulders would rip from there sockets at any moment and there where barely 5 feet up the wall when Thomas could see his finger tips and hands begin to bleed as he grasped out at the rock wall, trying to haul himself and his brother towards safety.  

Slowly and carefully he climbed upwards till finally he pulled himself over the lip and onto the path, still covered with the bodies of the dead.

Trudging onwards he finally made it to the relative safety of the cave; he lowered Alistair to the floor and helped him onto the bedroll he’d laid out earlier.


Alistair was unconscious again, the pain of the climb had knocked him out again, Thomas rolled him onto his front so he could examine the damage to wound.

The climb had pulled a few of the stitches free, so grabbing his needle and thread Thomas carefully stitched the wound back up and lay Alistair back down pulling a blanket over him.  

Thomas headed to the cave entrance looking out he had a good view of the local area, he’d need to keep a good eye out on the valley so he didn’t miss help if and when it arrived.  

Heading back to his bag’s he pulled out some salted pork and began to eat, he would have like to start a fire, but with enemy all around he couldn’t risk the smoke leading them here.  

The next few hours passed peaceful Thomas perched on his rock peering out into the valley, he checked on his brother regularly but there was no longer much else he could do to help, Alistair’s health now lay in hands that where no longer his own.   

“Thomas” Alistair called when he woke.  

Giving a quick glance around Thomas headed to his brothers side, Alistair was clammy, and sweat poured from his brow. He shivered even Thomas knew this was not a good sign.

“Yes?” Getting a cloth he soaked it in a little water and wiped Alistairs face. 

 “I wanted you to know, You’ll do fine” Alistair smiled “You just need faith in yourself”.  

“I’ll do fine at what? Thomas asked, unsure at what his brother was getting at.  

“As King” Alistair managed to wheeze.


Thomas shook his head, “ Im not going to be King” he answered  “ Can you imagine I’d have the palace filled with harem girls in a month”.  

Alistair smiled “You always did cover your nerves with humour, seriously though I know you can do it”.  

Thomas shook his head “Don’t you dare give up on yourself. You’re going to be king and Im not having you think otherwise. Besides what about Duncan he’s in line after you”.  

Alistair shook his head “ he’s too young”.  

Thomas shrugged “ but he might not be, by the time he is needed”.  

“Father didn’t want everyone to know, but he’s a sick man” Alistair struggled to say, “ he doesn’t have too long left, you’ll have to take the throne”.  

Thomas shook his head “People would never accept me, can you imagine the Beaumont’s reaction to Holly becoming Queen, besides I don’t want to be King, im happy as I am you’re the only mug who’d want that honor”.  

Alistair wheezed, “ I just wanted you to know, I know you can do it, ill make a fine King, can you get me some parchment and ink out of my bag I want to write a letter for Kait”.  

Thomas nodded glumly, although he didn’t want to admit it, he knew things did not look good for his brother “Ok, but your giving it to her yourself” he said reaching into the bag he got the stuff Alistair needed and watched as his brother wrote an emotional letter to his wife.

5 responses to “Long Climb

  1. littletingoddess

    Oh no… I really hope this isn’t the end for Alistair.

  2. How incredibly sad. :(

  3. I remember your speadsheet of death picked alister to die already once…. your stories are so suspenseful because there is no garuntee anyone will make it!!

  4. yes i did wussy out of alistair’s death once before, and i swore to myself it wasn’t happening again.

    If the calc picks them they are going…. this year is a bad year 4 people chosen :(

    the question is which 4 :P

  5. oh no…~cries piteously~
    Don’t kill him don’t kill him….~whimpers~

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