Alistairs Flying Lesson

Alistair flew up into the air, with such speed the he appeared as a flash of silver flying though the air, hurtling back down to earth at speed a tree broke his fall he tumbled down the mountainside straight into the deep ravine.



 Thomas and Vasyl rushed the edge of the path and looked down into the chasm, Alistair lay motionless on a small ledge about 20 feet down from the path.

Thomas looked towards Vasyl who was nervously looking about trying to work out what the hell had just happened.  “Watch out” Thomas called, “there must be some kind of trap, can anyone see what flung him like that?”  

The men nervously looked around shaking their heads. All of them suddenly, very cautious of their surroundings. A few moments passed and all was quiet no one found any sign’s of what may have caused the young princes sudden flight.  

Thomas stared down towards his brother, “Do you think he’s alive? “ Vasyl asked.  

Thomas shook his head “ I don’t know” Taking his tunic off he started to pull his chainmail up and over his head “ Im going down to find out”.  

“No” Vasyl urged placing his hand on Thomas’s arm “ I should go, if he is dead, your next in line for the throne, we can’t risk losing you as well”.  

Thomas shook him free determinedly “ Im going” he said giving Vasyl a look which told him his mind would not be changed “ besides Im only 3rd, Duncan’s next” he joked, Vasyl nodded despite knowing, as well as Thomas did that if Henry passed, the throne would go to Thomas before the infant. 

Vasyl hauled some rope out of his bag and tied it securely to a tree, throwing the free end to Thomas nodding he prepared himself to lower Thomas to Alistair’s position.  

Thomas slowly climbed down the rock wall, reaching Alistair at the bottom, he untied the rope, the ledge was still over 100 feet off the ground but it was impeding his movement. “Ok, Im down” he called “ He’s alive”.  

Vasyl nodded relived, turning the men, “ ok guys stay close, it looks like this expeditions over,”  

Deonte wandered over “ is there anything I can do to help?” he asked peering down towards Thomas.  

Vasyl shook his head “ just keep your eye’s open I have a feeling we are being watched”. Deonte nodded glancing around nervously.

Meanwhile down on the ledge Thomas looked over Alistair’s wounds, he was badly hurt, a few broken bones at the least and barely conscious, shaking his brother he said, “ hey no sleeping, we’ve got an expedition to lead”.  

Alistair grunted but managed to open his eyes “ what happened?”

Thomas shook his head “ not sure some kind of trap I think it sent you flying down the ravine”  

Alistair struggled to try and sit but couldn’t seem to find the strength “ My back hurts” he complained.  

Thomas nodded and tried to give his brother a hand, taking hold of his chest plate he hauled, there was a sickening grating sound. Slipping his hand down behind Alistair he found the culprit.

There had been a sharp stone spike on the ledge it had pierced Alistair’s armour and sank deep into the prince’s back.  Thomas removed his hand wiping the vast quantity of blood off on his trousers, he lowered Alistair gently back down, Alistair grimaced as the spike plunged back into his body.

Looking at Thomas he took a deep breath and nodded towards Thomas’s bloodied hand “ is that me?” he asked.  

Thomas nodded “ just a scratch” he lied knowing full well the wound was severe, “ ok I need to go back up, so I can talk to Vasyl about how to get you out of here”  

Alistair nodded a Thomas stood shouting upwards “ ok Im coming up” he called. Waiting a few moments there was no response “ Vasyl” he called again.

He pulled on the rope to see it test its strength, wondering why Vasyl did not answer. When the hairs on his neck stood up, as the other end of the rope came tumbling down onto his head covered in blood.

6 responses to “Alistairs Flying Lesson

  1. No! You are NOT killing of Thomas. He needs a good life.

    And you are NOT turning Alistair into an invalid! No way. I like those boys way to much!

    Still wondering why the refugees from the mountains don’t talk about where the beasts come from. It would save everyone a lot of trouble…

  2. oh I’m slowly dying inside…I am. Look, see gray stuff? That used to be blood…

  3. I have a bad feeling about your storylines right now. I don’t like it when people have to die.

  4. An injury like that was an almost certain fatality back then.

  5. No not Thomas! We finally realize he is a great guy and you are going to kill him. Just great!

  6. littletingoddess

    Omg Vasyl too! This is terrible… Alistair and Vasyl and everyone and Gabriel and arg… thank goodness I am so far behind and there are more posts to read!

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