Sent to the Gallow’s.

It was the morning of his wedding day and Thomas felt numb like it was all some bad dream and that he would wake up at any moment.

His father, Orrick and Alistair had been in the council chamber all morning and from the sounds of things there was a heated debate going on. Normally his curiosity would get the better of him and he’d sneak a listen at the door but today he felt too sick.

 He’s managed to leave Holly again last night, and return to the meal, Raeann had continued to be obnoxious, despite all she’d told Holly about resigning herself to the inevitable she’d made it clear nothing about this marriage was going to be easy.  

Thomas tried to relax busy himself with preparations but as the morning wore on his nerves where beginning to show, eventually the meeting in the council chambers finished and there was a knock at Thomas’s chamber door.  

Opening it Thomas greeted Orrick, “ All ready he asked?” Orrick asked.  

Thomas nodded nervously “ Yes thank you”. 

“Good” Orrick replied, “ Today is an important day”, Thomas nodded and managed a smile but could help be feel like today was the day he went to the gallows.

“Don’t worry” Orrick reassured him “Things won’t be nearly as bad as you think they will be, I promise”.  

Thomas just wished he could believe him, so saying nothing, bid him farewell and retreated back to the peace of his chambers. The rest of the morning passed in abit of a blur there was a lot of coming and going about the castle, the whole place on high alert.   

The one thing Thomas noticed was that everyone seemed to steer clear of him, leaving him to his thoughts and the only time the did seem to bother him they all had huge grins painted on their faces, the biggest of all being worn by his father.  

Eventually it was time to make their way to the church, Thomas sat nervously in the coach almost afraid to breath encase the opening of his mouth let spill his true feeling about the day.

About halfway there the silence was broken by his father “It won’t be as bad as you think” The King assured him.  

Thomas smiled back nervously “You’re the second person to tell me that today” he replied “ and I didn’t believe the first”.  

Alistair who was sat beside him chuckled punching him playfully on the arm “Come on cheer up your getting married not going to your funeral”.  

Thomas gave him a sideways glance “Is there a difference?”.  

King Henry chuckled “Today is hard but tomorrow, will be easier I promise”.

Thomas nodded and tried to smile but found no matter how hard he tried his face would not respond instead all he managed was a deep breath, trying to calm himself.   

“You are doing a very important thing” Henry continued “I know your not feeling too confident about it now but really its for the best and Im proud of you”.


Arriving at the church they all climbed out of the coach and Henry embraced his son “ I really am, very proud” he answered. Thomas nodded and they headed inside.  

Thomas waited down by the alter as the guests began to filter into the church, Alistair beside him trying to be reassuring, Thomas felt sick. Unable to look at his guests encase he saw Holly sitting somewhere in the crowd, he didn’t think he could go though with it if he saw her now.  

The music started to indicate the initiation of the ceremony, he looked towards Alistair he smiled and gently gripped his arm almost as if her where there to prevent Thomas fleeing, taking a deep breath he let the air out from his lungs very slowly trying to calm himself.


“Look” Alistair said urging Thomas to take a look at his bride coming down the aisle towards him, Thomas could her the whispers in the congregation talking, probably talking about how beautiful she was but he could face turning and looking himself, so instead he looked toward his feet. 

“Thomas look at her” Alistair urged again, squeezing his arm more forcefully, Thomas pulled his arm from Alistair’s grip and shot his brother a glare, who simple stood shaking his head chuckling.  

Eventually Orrick arrived next to him, Thomas could barely look at the man, as he put the brides hand into his. “Look after her” Orrick said smiling.  

Thomas nodded but still could not bare at her, instead he focused his attention on the priest before him who began the ceremony. They were a few minutes into the ceremony when he could feel his hand being gently squeezed, he ignored it.  

As the ceremony continued, the tugs on his hand became more forceful, eventually she let go of his hand and gave him a forceful jab in the side, Thomas yelped, shooting around to give her a piece of his mind, only to be greeted be a face he hadn’t expected.  

Holly stood grining where Raeann should have been, Thomas’s face turned quickly from anger to shock, “How?” he asked.  

Holly chuckled putting her finger to her mouth; guiding him to be quiet she nodded towards the priest, who was waiting to continue.  

Thomas could barely take his eye’s off her, but managed to turn back to the priest, who began again. Suddenly Thomas span back to Holly pulling her to him he kissed her while a large gasp came from the congregation.


“Excuse me” a voice said from behind him, pulling away Thomas looked back towards the priest “We are not at that part yet”  Father Mathew smiled. 

“Sorry” Thomas apologised, turning back to the priest “Please continue”.

6 responses to “Sent to the Gallow’s.

  1. Yaaaaaay!!

  2. Double yay!!! Wahoo! Nicole took it wonderfully!

  3. omg !! i’m really happy their parents let them get married.
    It was funny how Thomas wouldn’t look at Holly until she jabbed him in the side lol

  4. Oh man… you actually made me cry I am so happy!

  5. What an amazing surprise for Thomas, I am glad they are able to be together, what an awful life he would have had with Raeann. Yay for happy endings!

  6. {O_O}
    OMG I’m so happy tears are blurring my vision so I can hardly type hehe
    That is so wonderful! I’m so happy for them.
    I had a feelign that was going to happen when the fathers were talking.
    This is awesome I am so loving your stories!!

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