Fish Market

Life in the Howard house had taken a substantial change; Abagael had been persistent about concerning Albert’s treatment of Taye. She’d worked out a plan, which would allow both women to spend time with their children without making the family to suffer financially.  

Initially both Bran and Albert were set against her plan, bran because it involved a fair amount of work on Abagael’s part and Albert just because he was concerned about effort to make it work. 

 Effectively the plan involved the family selling fish from their home, Abageal suggested that if Bran and Albert could build a small make shift stall in the front of the house they’d be able to sell the fish from it. Albert’s job would remain unchanged he’d do as he’d always done fish.  

Both girls would run the stall, Abagael taking control of most of the paper work and Taye would encourage people to come and look at what they had for sale. With both girls at home they’d take it in shifts to help Albert fish and then only open the stall for a few hours in the evening to sell their daily catch.  

However the plan worked surprisingly well, with the unexpected bonus that the time that Taye and Albert spent together fishing actually benefited the couple’s relationship. No great romance was forth coming however they began to see each other in a more acceptable light.  

The market stall thrived, they didn’t sell much but they didn’t need to make up for the lost income of Taye, and with more time to spend with Neo the young girl was much happier, and soon enough even Albert and Bran saw the benefits of the scheme which actually turned out to be more profitable than Abagael had hoped.  

One response to “Fish Market

  1. Yay! All is well and they lived happily ever after! {^_^}

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