According to Plan

Cenemin agreed to allow Kaiden and Dorothy to wed and despite his continued insistence that Dorothy would not be allowed a dowry he did give the couple a couple of pigs and a working dog to begin their life together.

snapshot_f2e35167_539cff4f.jpg  The ceremony was simple, Dorothy’s mother made her a dress and the grin on Dorothys face for the entire day made up for the lack of fancy decoration, even Kaiden had to admit he’d had a fun.  

Kaiden had made it clear from the beginning that he’d wanted to wait before he and Dorothy began trying for children. Sargon was only three and Maddock was still only two, and he wanted to wait until they began school before introducing yet another child to the household.  

As giving Dorothy her own room would have meant she slept in the cold cellar. So he allowed Dorothy to share his bed and this was where his best intentions failed. On their wedding night he’d not planned to consummate their marriage for fear of an unwanted pregnancy, however as he lay in bed Dorothy’s legs wrapped contentedly around him he found the urge too great to resist.  

He’d been pleasantly surprised how naturally he and Dorothy fell into the routine of man and wife, she was still as eager to please as ever but somehow with the pressure of trying to find a husband lifted from the young girl she seemed a lot less irritating than she once had.  

Dorothy was very contented, Kaiden was a good husband, he worked hard and earned a decent living, Dorothy stayed home and took care of the children which suited her more than she’d ever thought possible life was easier than it had been on her fathers farm and she found with the two toddlers around she had more than enough to keep her occupied.  

Despite himself Kaiden found he was quite pleased with the news the Dorothy was expecting there first child just 3 short months after their wedding day, when she’d found out she’d been terrified of telling him, fearing he wouldn’t want the child but instead he seemed more pleased with the news than she was.  

He insisted this would have to be the last for a while unless they planned to keep babies in the larder, however he suspected this like his previous intentions maybe easier said than done.  

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