Dorothy ran inside the house, “how’s she doing “ she asked as she arrived in the bedroom.  

“Not good” Daisy replied, she’s losing a lot of blood from her head and she’s to exhausted to push properly.  

“Should I run for Bellari” Dorothy asked.  Jed shook his head “no it would take too long, you wouldn’t get back in time”.  

Dorothy looked down at her sister she couldn’t see much of hr face Jed had applied some towels trying to staunch the bleeding, Dorothy took her hand and sat down on the bed beside her. “ Come on sis” she said, “ you can do this”.

 Maria groaned, “ I can’t “she sobbed.  

Dorothy gently lifted the towel, the would to Maria’s face was deep and she was losing vast amounts of blood from it, turning to Jed and daisy she said “ Im going to need a needle and thread, and a bucket of hot water”.


Jed nodded and raced off to get the things she’d asked for, “Daisy I need to deal with what’s going on down there she said motioning to Maria’s stomach while I stop this bleeding ok?”  

Daisy looked panicked at 13 she’s never had to deal with a birthing before “ what do I do?” she asked.  

Dorothy shrugged not having much experience herself “ catch” she joked. Turning back to Maria she gently lifted the towel again so she could see her sisters eye’s “ hey you” she said smiling “ don’t you dare give up.  Do you understand me?”.  

Maria looked back at her, sweat pouring off her brow “ I don’t want to” she sobbed” Im just so tired”.


Dorothy playfully punched her in the arm “ hey no sleeping on the job” she said “ you’ve got that baby to get out first”. 

 “Two” Maria answered.  

Dorothy looked confused “ Two” she asked.  

Maria nodded “Twins, Bellari told me, I wanted it to be a surprise for Jed” she winced as another contraction hit.  

“Well all the more reason not to be sleeping on the job” Dorothy joked.  

Just then Jed returned with the things Dorothy had requested, he also had a bottle of whisky “ for the pain he suggested” pointing to her face.  Dorothy shook her head, “ believe me right now its not that, that’s bothering her and the last thing we need is her drunk” she said taking the bottle “ but it can be useful” she said uncorking it she took a large mouthful, gasping “However there’s nothing wrong with a drunk surgeon” she joked.  

Lifting the edge of the towel she used some more of the alcohol to clean the wound “ close your eye’s she said and for god sake push “. 

Maria closed her eyes as Dorothy threaded the needle; her hands shook so much she was terrified she was going to take out one of Maria’s eyes. As she set to work closing the large gash that ran across her cheekbone and the smaller wound over her eye.  

It wasn’t an easy job, as every time a contraction hit Maria would screw up her face, the resulting needlework was anything but neat however a few minutes later Dorothy had managed to seal the wounds and stop the bleeding.  

Meanwhile Maria continued to push she was exhausted and Jed stood for the most part terrified in the corner he’d already lost one wife in childbirth he was not yet ready to lose another. 

2 responses to “Needlework

  1. Oh man… I really hope she’s going to be okay! She is going to have one really nasty scar if she is though.

  2. I love the bloody picture!
    good job!

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