To Hot To Handle

Giving a last look back at Daisy, Dorothy managed half a smile “ as soon as you can get your father and Maria into the house” she called “ Do you understand?”. 

Daisy nodded nervously, glancing to where Maria and her Father lay in the snow.  Looking towards the beast “ what are you going to do?” she called.  “Im going to try and lead it away. ” Dorothy replied breaking into a full sprint towards the beast.  Secretly Dorothy hoped to get Daisy and Jed inside the house so she would be then free to use her gift without being seen. Until then she just had to keep it distracted long enough, so Daisy could move them without getting herself killed.  

Sprinting towards the beast the creature smiled and readied its sword, for an instant Dorothy wished she’d paid more attention to her fathers training.  Reaching the creature it took a swipe with its sword, she managed to dodge the blade narrowly grabbing the beast’s arm she tried to wrestle the beast but its strength was far superior to her own. Flicking her casually with its other arm she flew handing heavily face down in the snow.  

She recovered herself quickly leaping to her feet; a twinge of pain shot though her chest a broken rib no doubt. She looked back towards Daisy who had reached Jed and was frantically trying to bring him around.  She needed to give the girl more time to get the two injured people into the house but she feared the beast was more powerful than she. Picking up a branch off the floor she extended it out before her it would not offer much protection from the beasts mighty blade however she didn’t intend to let it get that close again.  

Circling she goading it, trying to keep its attention while Jed woke up. She watched as Jed clumsily rose to his feet, he rushed to where Maria lay heavily in labour.  Dorothy backed off further hoping the beast would follow but the creature was no fool, recognising her attempts to distract it, it turned to face the injured party as rose and Jed tried desperately to lift Maria.   

Dorothy shouted “ Over here” and launched the branch towards the beast her throw lacked strength and the clumsy missile landed far short of its target the beast ignored her. Perceiving no threat it headed towards the three people desperately making there way to the front of the house.  Dorothy looked around frantically for another object to throw finding none easily beneath the thick snow. Just then Daisy and Jed disappeared around the corner, now was the time it was risky if she was seen however if she didn’t act now the creature would follow them into the house and her attempts at secrecy would be in vain.  

Cupping her hands she rubbed them together to produce a small flame lifting it she threw the small ball of fire though the air hitting the creature in the back. It was harmless enough she couldn’t risk anything bigger just yet.  If the creature where to scream out in pain Jed or Daisy maybe tempted to come out to investigate.  

The small flame did what was needed though crackling as it hit the creature’s armour the creature turned. She smiled “surprise”.


 The creature growled “ you need to do better then that little girl” it said as it moved towards her.  

Cupping her hands again Dorothy smiled releasing yet another small bolt of fire “ what about that” she said as it again harmlessly crackled off the metal of his breastplate.  

“Your pathetic if that is all you can do” the creature laughed.  Dorothy backed off a little again hoping to draw the beast away from the house, this time it worked following her into the next field, once she was confident she was sufficient distance away that its screams would be drowned out by those undoubtedly coming from her birthing sister she turned and smiled. “ I forgot to tell you some thing”.  

The creature smiled “what’s that, a last request perhaps?”


Dorothy shook her head “Your dead”.  

The creature looked confused for a moment but its confusion turned to horror as it watched Dorothy’s whole body started to glow. Her eye’s aflame with an intensity the beast had never witnessed before.

She shot out her arm and the creature caught fire, screaming it danced around finally throwing it’s self into the snow in an attempt to put out the flames.  Dorothy did not let her gaze leave the beast for a second willing the flames bigger and hotter she focused until eventually the beast stopped screaming and was nothing but a small pile of ash and a suit of glowing red armour.

2 responses to “To Hot To Handle

  1. These gifties are pretty nifty!

  2. OOh this entry gave me goosebumps.
    Dorothy looks amazing in that picture.
    I can imagine her calmly telling him “Your dead” and then turning on fire lol. This is great! :)

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