Sight Most Unexpected.

Maria’s Pregnancy had progressed, she was getting close to her due date and dispite Jed’s nagging she’d not slowed down, she still insisted on doing as much as possible.  Jed worried about her and the baby constantly and although he’d tried to get her to take things easy. The best he’d been able to manage, was to try and get things done before she did started on them, which was not always an easy task as Maria was as efficient as ever.  

Since the day in the loft their relationship had improved a little. Maria had become a little more accepting of Jed affection. Her hormones were everywhere she was constantly bursting into tears, but some how for Jed, this made her seem a little more human. 

It was mid winter and the farm was settled under a thick blanket of snow. It was the quiet time of year for Jed other than tending to the animals there wasn’t much work to do on the farm and every year Jed used this time to spend time with his family.  

Maria had started getting labour pain’s early in the morning but hadn’t told Jed yet stubborn as ever she was determined to finish the housework before she called for the midwife. Jed at noticed she seemed more in pain than usual but hadn’t as yet realised what was happening.  

Picking up the grain bucket Maria headed out into the year towards the back of the farm to feed the chickens, Jed followed closely behind her trying to take the bucket from her “ I’ll do that” he said “ you go and sit down”.  

Maria looked irritated the pain was rising and was in no mood for Jed’s pestering, “ Jed leave me alone” she snapped.  Jed didn’t slow up for a minute chasing her around the side of the house, however when they arrived they where faced with a sight most unexpected. 

Three of the Jed skinned creatures Maria had faced a few months earlier stood in the yard weapons drawn and snarling. Maria recognised them immediately and this time they where no scouts, these were Warrior cast, heavily armed and armoured.

One response to “Sight Most Unexpected.

  1. Oh no Silly Maria why did you insist on going out.

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