For God’s Sake.

“Jed go inside” Maria Yelled.  Jed looked confused, Shocked at seeing the beasts he stood stunned not quite sure what was happening. 

The leader of the creatures walked forward snarling, “ You killed my brother” it called to Maria. Referring to her encounter with the beasts earlier that year, where she’d managed to slay one of the beasts.

 Jed suddenly came around realising the beast was advancing “ I don’t know you’re your talking about I didn’t kill anyone” he yelled back thinking the beast was talking to him. 

Maria looked side ways towards Jed “ Jed get inside”.  

He grabbed hold of Maria’s arm “ No.. “ he said “ You go …. get baby Rose and run, ill keep them busy”. 

Maria rolled her eye’s “ Jed, get inside”  

Jed shook his head “Im not going anywhere” he said trying to put himself between her and beasts.  

The creatures stood bemused as the couple argued. Maria grabbed hold of Jed flinging him backwards he landed heavily in the snow.

“Jed get inside before you get yourself hurt” she said from behind gritted teeth.

Another wave of pain hit her much bigger than the others and this time, she felt a sudden warmth on her legs looking down there was a wet patch spreading across her dress as her waters broke. “For god sake” she growled.

Jed hadn’t missed it, his faced dropped as he realised Maria was in labour, looking towards the beasts he scrambled to his feet running over to Maria he grabbed her arm “Maria you must go inside”  he said trying to drag her.  

She shook him off but he grabbed out at her again. The creatures started the advance again and Maria had run out of time.  Looking at Jed she grimaced “ Im sorry, I can’t be dealing with you, as well as them right now”. As her fist smashed heavily into Jed’s face. He stumbled and fell heavily into the snow losing consciousness almost immediately.

2 responses to “For God’s Sake.

  1. Omg what is going to happen now. I can’t imagine fighting three warrior caste of these creatures plus having a baby at the same time is going to be easy! Ack!

  2. Dang! All I can say is “Wow!”

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