15 Hour Day

Abagael had given birth just a short few weeks earlier to the healthy baby boy called Adam, she and Bran where over the moon the baby was adorable.


  However things in the house had not improved for Taye who we still battling with Albert of his decision to send her to work. She wasn’t getting much if any time with baby Neo. She’d work 15 hour shift during the day in the fields and when she returned Neo was often asleep and she was exhausted..  

Abagael felt terrible, she’d spoken to bran about the idea of switching places with Taye, and finding a job, With her education Chances where good she could make more money than the younger girl and probably with much shorter hours giving her plenty of time to spend with her son.  

Bran would here none of it, he was determined it was unfitting for Abagael to work and although he sympathised with Taye’s situation he refused to interfere with his fathers affairs saying it was none of their business.  

Abagael was in the middle of preparing the evening meal when Taye arrived home as always Taye headed straight into the yard to get a bath, working in the fields was dirty work, tonight Taye looked especially exhausted. Abageal looked toward the men who where sat at the dinner table playing cards neither of them seemed to have noticed.  

Abageal went back to work chopping the vegetables. Only when Taye returned having cleaned up did Albert see to notice her.“ Evenin Taye” he said smiling before turning to Abageal “ Abby love come take a seat, Taye will finish the dinner”.  

 Abagael looked toward Taye and who looked as if she were about to burst into tears “ No its fine” Abageal responded, feeling very guilty “ I’ll finish, its almost done”.


Taye nodded thankfully and started to head out towards the hallway when Albert spoke again “ Taye can you go and get my slippers then love”.  Taye didn’t respond she simply continued up the stairs a few moments later she returned practically throwing Alberts slippers at him, she stormed away. 

 Bran and Albert looked at each other and Albert shook his head sighing” looks like im in for a long night, she’s in one of her moods again” he said “ I really don’t know what’s wrong with that girl”.   

Abagael glared towards Bran nodding her head she prompted him to say something, Bran ignored her and went back to his game of cards not able to contain herself any longer Abageal practically exploded “ Albert you treat her terribly” she scolded.

One response to “15 Hour Day

  1. Trying to catch up now. SL has me behind.

    Poor Taye, He treats her like a slave or a servant not a wife. He’s such a jerk and totally clueless about it. It’s like her background unconsciously makes him treat her as if she were beneath them.
    I feel so sorry for her. :(

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