“Maria, sit down” Jed pleaded.  “ I will” she answered “ As soon as ive finished this washing “ picking up the washing basket she headed out into the back yard.  

Pregnancy hadn’t slowed her down at all, Jed was in a constant state of panic convince she was going to do herself or the baby an injury.  Chasing after her he tried to take the basket “ Please Maria, think of the baby” he said struggling to take the basket from her.  

She fought back “Jed I’m fine” she answered tearing the basket from his grip she continued to head towards the washing line.  

“Bellari said you needed to rest” he pleaded.  

Maria looked at him blankly “ Jed your being unreasonable, Im fine really” despite the freezing weather sweat poured off her brow and her flushed face proved conclusively to Jed that she was indeed struggling.  

Putting his hands heavily on the basket Jed glared at her “Maria I am telling you, get into the house and have a lie down… Now”.  

Maria jolted shocked at his forcefulness; she kept a tight hold of the basket staring at him.  Jed didn’t take his gaze off her for a minute “Now” her said again.  

Maria let go of the basket, “I don’t need help” she answered.  

Jed shook his head “ Yes you do” he answered “ You have two choices do as Bellari ordered and learn to take it easy or I’ll send you back to live with your father till the baby’s born, its your choice you might not listen to me but perhaps you’ll listen to him”.  

Maria started to protest but the look on Jed face convinced her that it would be futile letting go of the basket she headed back inside the house. Jed finished putting the washing out and headed back into the house making his way up into the loft he could hear Maria faintly crying. 

Pausing on the steps he listened for a moment he’d never seen Maria look so much as sad never mind actually crying he debated going back down the stairs and leaving her alone but something made him continue upward.  

Entering the bedroom he headed towards the bed, perching on the edge of the bed, she wiped away the tears and looked up at him she tried to smile. “ Are you ok?” he asked.  

She nodded “ Im fine” she answered “ I really don’t know what’s wrong with me”.  

Jed smiled moving himself up the bed beside her he pulled her into him where she sobbed for a minute or two Jed’s arms firmly around her.  Lifting her head she looked at him “Im sorry” she said, “ I must be a terrible disappointment, please leave me alone I’ll be ok”.  

Jed rocked her gently “Your not a disappointment, you just need to let me help you”.  

“But they are not your responsibilities, I have all these jobs that need doing I don’t want to let you down.” she answered. 

“You won’t” he answered, “You just need to take care of yourself and our baby”.  

“ I don’t understand what’s happening I never cry and I feel so strange”.  

Jed chuckled “ don’t worry, it happens to all pregnant women, I had to spend 9 months in hiding every time Emily got pregnant, she used to get very emotional and throw things at me”. 

 “And you still loved her? Even though she did that? ” Maria asked.  “Of course I did” Jed answered. “ That’s what a marriage is all about, no-one is perfect you have to accept the good with the bad”.  

“I don’t want you to see the bad in me” Maria sniffed “ I want you to be pleased with me”.


 “You try too hard” Jed answered “ I am pleased with you, but I wish your let me in, let me see real you”. 

 “What if you don’t like the real me” she sobbed.  

Jed continued to rock her “Im sure I will”  

4 responses to “Hormonal

  1. Is she finally going to loosen up? :D

  2. Jed is a sweetheart, he sure deserves for her to loosen up.

  3. Oh god the real her is a robot isn’t it!? Isn’t it!?


  4. Finally… I really hope this is going to bring them closer to each other. Hehe… I love newcornwall’s comment… maybe the real her is a robot :)

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